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bs2100May 27, 2011

When I bought my house 18 months ago the pool didn't have the slightest leak in it. Eleven months ago I had my pool resurfaced. After that the pool started leaking. I can't remember how much it was before, but a month ago I measured it at between 1/4" to 1/2". Sixteen days ago I had a professional leak company look at my pool. The checked the light, skimmer, bottom drain, and return jets and just found one leak in the bottom drain (and he said it wasn't big enough to lose that much water). Then he looked at my equipment and the two suction pipes and the one return pipe have concrete around them and they were leaking right above the concrete. He said that was where I'm losing the water and that's that.

Well since he left I've left my equipment open a little so there's no pressure holding water in the equipment, and the pool has continued to drop. It's about 12" lower than when he did the leak test. So now I'm somehow losing 3/4" of water a day.

I haven't done an evaporation test other than my parents house is 11 houses away and they pretty much NEVER put more water in the pool, so there shouldn't be much evaporation (I live near Tampa and we have high humidity).

Today I measure the water level and noticed that the area just above the water on the pool is moist. So it almost seems like the plaster is absorbing the water.

So my question is, can the plaster (or whatever it is) be absorbing water and that's where my leak is (basically the ENTIRE pool). I took a picture of the water line to show what I'm talking about and put it in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wouldnt worry about that waterline.

All plaster "wicks" like that, doesnt mean you are leaking through your finish.

I would call the leak detection guys back out though, with your level of water loss, they outta be able to find the culprit. Most of them have a free 30 day return checkup.

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