pergola and deck cost

endomdJuly 23, 2012

our deck contractor has quoted us a price of $15,000 for a 12x16 foot pergola and about $30,000 for the decking and railing for a 22 x 26 foot deck using the composite product "evolutions" form timbertech

these seemed steep to us.

this is our first time building a deck.

any thoughts?


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Where do you live? Prices can vary greatly in different regions. Seems high to me.

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Geographical area, what type of property, what type of deck, ground level, raised deck, what type of framing, can he get the materials in by truck or does it need to be carries in, what type of railings? There are more questions that just that but from the limited info you give us it is impossible to tell. So it could be steep or it could be cheap!

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Area is suburb of philadelphia.
Deck is rectangular, composite material, raised about 3-4 ft off the ground. I believe the foundation is wood. The railings are the imitation wrought iron type.

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Around here (northern VA) the deck is in the ballpark (I tell my design clients to expect $50-65/sq ft). Too many variables with regards to pergola construction to say for sure but probably not too far off.

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