concrete or pavers?

patrice607July 27, 2011

I'm planning to replace an aggregate stone patio and old redwood deck. I am sick and tired of deck maintenance and afraid of the new composite materials due to warping, fading and other complaints I've read about here. Water is an issue because the neighbors behind me are 5 feet higher. If I go with concrete or pavers will I be adding to my water problems? Which is less maintenance?

I live in the Chicago area.

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Your choice of patio surface is personal. Since you know you have a potential issue with water, it will be important that you create good drainage to prevent settling (and cracking).

The advantage pavers provide is that a few can be removed and releveled if ever such becomes necessary. Concrete will eventually crack and there really isn't any way to make repairs once that happens.

Our paver patio is elevated, held in place by a retaining wall. To level the grade, up to 12" of compacted gravel was placed below the pavers and additionally French drainage to direct water to a low area adjacent. No problems in over 12 years and I too reside in the Chicago area. Good luck.

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pavers ,i feel are better but i used concrete as it was easier to do and its 9 years old and no cracks, so far.

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fnmroberts -

Your patio looks great! I have ruled out concrete and am thinking of pavers or flagstone.

Thanks for your input.

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