Am I hosed? Ipe is sticky.

clarkebarJuly 2, 2009

Just finished staining my Ipe decks (new construction...decks up since Feb) two days ago with Woodrich Amaretto wiping stain after prep with EFC and Citralic.

When I walk on them barefoot, there is a little bit of tacky feel. I am afraid that I didn't wipe enough off and may have over applied...

Am I hosed or is this nothing to worry about? Could it be that tincture of time will allow it to cure? I am considering going over it with a light rag damp with paint thinner....dumb?

I hope I have not screwed this up!

Anyone with any thoughts or suggestions?



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Usually in July stain will dry in the first day & not at all tacky the next day.

I over applied stain on a job once, still tacky after almost a week. I mopped the deck with paint thinner & wiped it down with a rag, problem solved. That might be the ticket for you too.


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Thanks....That may be exactly what I try.

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Well....I think I'm hosed.

Finished hours ago...decks almost seem more sticky. What about taking a very dilute soln. of EFC, giving them a light scrub with the deck brush and a brisk rinse?

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