sikkens ard pt stain vs composite

ffxjackJuly 23, 2009

Looking to have screened porch and very small deck off of porch to put a grill on built. The rear of my house is surrounded by very tall tress so it's a pretty shady area most of the day and I live in the Washington DC area, 4 seasons w/plenty of humidity.

My goal is to have a decent small deck w/only minimal maintenance that will last 20+ years. Reading the various threads on the composites, it seems that no one can tell me what will happen for sure in 5-7 yrs let alone 20. Seems like Trex, TimberTech, Geodeck all have had various issues w/disintegrating, mold/mildew, etc.

Anyways, one contractor feels in my situation, a properly stained PT deck w/Sikkens SRD , redone every 3-5 yrs should outlast any composite. (Of course, I would need them or someone else to restain every 3-5 yrs.) Due to the need to strip and restain so often, he suggested that a composite might be more what I'm looking for. He recommended Trex even when I asked him about TimberTech which he used personally but reports he's had lots of issues w/splintering.

The material that interests me most is IPE which they have plenty of experience with However, in addition to cost, he mentioned that it was relatively high maintenance.

Any thoughts? Seems like each composite has lots of detractors on various websites, yet the few people that I've personally asked have all liked their Trex decks (out to 5 yrs so far).

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I built a gray Trex deck four years ago that has been great. It gets no hotter than wood or concrete out in the sun. I have cleaned mine with a water, bleach, Jomas solution once which brightened it up. I do blow it off every morning. I don't drag anything across it cause it is somewhat soft. I don't drink cranberry juice while on it. I don't get grease around it. I treat it with respect and it treats me splinters, no twisting, no cracking, no rotting, and oh yes, no NEVER any sealing, restaining. Someone recently posted how his Trex was warping or melting, but upon questioning he couldn't provide any details. Mine is in the South Texas sun so if its gonna do it anywhere its gonna be here or in AZ. Hope I've been of some assistance to you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sounds good to me although I'm not so sure I would be sweeping or blowing things off more than every 2 wks or so.

Is that a tree in the middle? I think I've actually looked at your deck during one of my searches--pretty cool (both figuratively and literally in the hot Texas sun).

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