Has anyone buried PVC pipe for a waste line?

helouMay 1, 2012

We're getting so tired of rolling and unrolling the the plastic waste hose from the DE filter. It's been suggested to me that we dig a shallow trench and bury a PVC pipe to use instead. It sounds very appealing to me. Has anyone done this?

What did you do at the end, where the water comes out? I imagine that you have a pipe come up that can be capped, but then what?

What do you do for the winter? We live in New Jersey, and if the pipe is filled with water, the water will freeze and crack the pipe. I think. Any suggestions? If you can post a picture of your set-up that would be very helpful.

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I did this, I ran it to my sewer out near the front corner of my house and tied in. Im sure its not legal, but meh, I dont care.

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That'd be impossible for us. I don't even know where the sewer line for my house is, much less have the nerve to mess with it. We're planning to ask some of the gardener's laborers to do it, with them following our instructions. I need to know what instructions to give them :-).

I'm thinking we'll bury it along the side of our house, and then would like to have it spill out onto our driveway. I just don't know what I'd put on the end where the water comes out. Do you blow out the water at the end of the season? What diameter pipe did you use? How deep did you bury it? Also I'll need it to have a few elbows to change direction. Do you think that'd be a problem?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Know someone who did this. Put opening of 4" PVC pipe next to filter. Yard sloped towards woods in rear. Ran pipe along with pool plumbing (under frost line) when pool was dug out. Pipe runs to edge of woods. No water accumulates in pipe because of pitch. Screen at drain end keeps out animals, etc. Easy to clean out screen if needed.

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I also did this as my plastic hose only lasted two years. I just buried it a couple of inches and directed ti on a slight downhill slope to the edge of the woods to a drainage ditch. I do not have anything on the end. If an animal crawls up into it, the pressure of the backwash will take care of getting it out of there.
I do not think you would need to bury it below the freeze line because the water drains out of the line in a matter of seconds. Elbows will not hurt anything.

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Thank you, this is very helpful. I'm going to start working on this next week. In the meantime I guess we'll have to start rolling and unrolling that hose for a bit longer.

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