Floral foam for outdoor planters ?

GypsyWaterfowlJuly 21, 2013

Do I need special outdoor foam for planting artificial plant & flowers in outdoor planters?

I have plants & flowers rated for outdoor use, but I haven't seen any foam that is rated for outdoor use.


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The white is a less dense foam, the green is more dense, softer and is used in fresh flower arrangements, it absorbs water. I would use white, you can get it at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. I have used it for years in flowers vases in cemeteries. One set of vases has had the same white foam in it for 15 years and I changes the flowers out seasonally. Do the pots you intend to use the artificial flowers in already have dirt in them and are you going to just stick the foam in the dirt?.. Just curious as to what method you are going to use to secure the foam in the pots.

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I would prefer not to use dirt. At the moment, I'm using dirt in the planters to hold the artificial plants & flowers, but dirt makes a mess. Any heavy rain causes dirty water to flow out of the drain holes, and stain my concrete patio (even when using saucers). If I plug the drain holes, I think dirty water would flow over the tops of the planters.

I think foam, covered with crushed stone, would be an better & cleaner alternative to dirt. Crushed stone alone would probably work, too, but it would be very heavy.


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I would be a tad bit concerned about water not being able to drain out, just run over. I'm afraid that over time it would become stagnant and stinky.. clean water draining out should not stain your patio. Maybe you could buy the flat sheet type foam and cut it to where it just wedges into the top of the flower pot with a couple or so inches to spare at the top, then lay a nice layer of sphagnum moss on top to hide the foam. That way the water going thru should be clean water not stain. I can understand your dilemma plus I have found artificial flowers just stuck in dirt are not anchored all that great.

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Thanks very much for your help!

Yes, I need to keep the drain holes. Otherwise, stagnant water could build up in the planters. In addition to being messy, dirt doesn't hold the plants very well. I'm using wire & stakes to keep the plants from leaning over.

It seems that some type of foam would be a better solution.

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I don't know what size planters you're using but in addition to the floral type foam you can also use expandable foam. It's what I've seen used with the silk trees. Then you can cover the top with moss or black polished stones (my favorite).

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