What to Do About My New Ipe Deck . . .

spascettaJuly 1, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have searched the message board on this and am still confused, so perhaps y'all can help.

My beautiful balcony was just finished with ipe wood. It looks super, and I'm thrilled. Now I have to decide what to do with it.

I love the color as is and would like to seal it. In all the threads, I see that people are discussing stains to seal their ipe decks. I don't want to change the color, I just do not want it to fade. (Maybe I don't understand stains? I'm not a DIY... I'm a PSO--pay some one!)

Also, my architect says that if I choose to preserve the color, that I can't let it weather afterward, I have to choose now. I was hoping that I could keep it that beautiful color until the thought of sealing it one more time made it cease to be so beautiful.

What are your experiences? Thanks!

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Our decks were built last Feb and were left to weather until just a few days ago. That original lovely red fades to a dull tan/grey pretty quickly. I chose to use a wiping stain from woodrich (Amaretto is the color I chose) and I think the stain really brings out and enhances the natural color of the Ipe. I don't have any pictures of it for you but the wood looks very much like the pics that you will see if you just look for the Amartto stain and Ipe on your browser...or go the Woodrich site. I am REALLY impressed. As I was staining them I stopped often and just gazed in awe of what was happening before my eyes! I know this sounds a bit goofy but it's true. I am very pleased with the decision to move in this direction.

I am sure there are more experienced voices that will share their opinions with you too. Good luck.


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