Need help w/ PebbleTec/PebbleSheen color dilemma

shweriMay 31, 2011

Agonizing over 4 colors 2 Pebble Tec and 2 Pebble Sheen (no one has been able to say which is actually better - and they cost the same). Will the equivalent colors look different in tec/sheen? I'm about to put in a small-free-form pool with landscaping around it (3' - 7' deep).

Am stuck between Pebble Tec Midnight Blue and Emerald Bay (can find very few photos though so am about to rule it out just b/c I can't get a good feel for what it looks like) PLUS Pebble Sheen Ocean Blue or Turtle Bay. I like the darker colors. Though a little part of me wonders if they will hurt resale value b/c some people say these colors look like "moats" when it's not sunny.

I've noticed on forums, no one on these forums ever regreats Midnight Blue. Even though people say the blue fades with chlorine. Is Ocean Blue as nice? Or nicer, as it has shells in formula? Does it fade? Do people regret Emerald Bay or Turtle Bay? Can I mix Midnight Blue and Emerald Bay? (I don't want no green, but I don't want no blue either. I'd like both!)

Apparently Pebble Tec pools aren't common in the Boston area, and they have yet to find me one to look at (in any color). I'm contemplating giving up and going with plaster.

Anyone have advice or photos of these colors (Esp. Emerald Bay and Ocean Blue -- but I'd welcome ANY photos in any lighting)? Is the pool heating up b/c dark colors an issue in the Northeast? Do the colors look different here b/c of sun positioning? Most pictures seem to be from TX/CA area. Any advice at all would be helpful!


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Hi Shweri, I'm in the Boston area and have caribbean blue pebble tec. Our neighbors have tahoe blue pebble tec. I haven't seen any other pebble pools in person, but I will say that the color (so far, just got water Sat) is remarkably similar to that in the pebble tec brochure. Who is your pool builder? One thing to note, if your PB can't provide pools for you to see, I'm sure the Pebble Tec installer (out of Lexington) will be happy to. I have heard there are a ton in the Medfield area. You can get the PT installer's contact information from the Pebble Tec website. Good luck, I'm just starting my pool after a fall/spring build and it's a great journey! Marta

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We're in Dallas and just did a pool remodel, going from white plaster to pebble. We did Stonescapes, which is identical in color and materials to PebbleTek (minus the $1000+ mark-up); in our area, both are shot by the same company from the same truck....

Anyway; we were able to look at lots of pools to pick colors, as the pebble finish is really popular around here. We chose Tropics Blue, which is a very slightly darker color than Tahoe, but has a bit more black pebble, and added abalone shells to add extra sparkle to the finish. We love the water color!! It's like a deep turquoise with NO GREEN. The Tahoe looks a bit green, and the Midnight blue is really dark, with lots of black. I didn't dislike the Midnight blue, but down here the water gets in the upper 80's with white plaster; much warmer the darker you get, and we just saw more "dimension" (if that's a word to describe pool water color) than the Midnight.

That said, in your neck of the woods, the Midnight would add swimming time to your pool as it would warm up faster and stay warm longer in the season (assuming you've got lots of direct sun). Good luck in your choice!!

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Our builder is Aquaknot. The Pebbletec company is Kadison. So far after two weeks, they haven't found any for me to see! I'm in Rhode Island weekends in June, so will ask if there are any here.

I wish Pebbletec had a better print brochure! I would kill to see Midnight Blue or Emerald Bay in person! I think I want tec intead of sheen. But then all these people say sheen better on feet. Maybe I should just get plaster & save the agony of PT color decisions!

gonnabuild: do you like ypur abalone? the Pebblesheen colors have that built in. Another example of something that would be great to see in person!


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Definitely see in person if you can! FYI, I had the shimmering sea (abalone) added and it does make a difference in the caribbean - it's like diamonds sparkling when the sun hits it. I'm so glad I paid the extra $300. The pebble tec is rough. My LO is 4 and her feet have a bunch of cuts on them. I imagine it'll get easier as she gets older, but for now I am getting her swim shoes. Good luck with it!

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Thanks Marta, that's helpful. Cuts on the feet are not good!! I have heard the installer makes a difference. But maybe it's not worth the risk. I like the PebbleTec look, but thinking maybe I should go Pebblesheen, either Ocean Blue or Turtle Bay. Abalone is built into both of those colors, and surface will be a little smoother. Thanks for the thoughts. My dig starts later this week, so my decision time is narrowing!!


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Definitely my favorite color by far.

And as to your question of which is "better", that is a relative question.
I prefer sheen due to the smoothness. One of my designers prefers tec because you can see the stones more from farther away.

I just finished my second pool for my inlaws...first was turtle bay and the second was ocean blue. Hard to say which they like more, but all of the turtle bay pools i've done are gorgeous. ocean blue is very dark.

I hate hosting and posting pics on here. post your email address and I'll email you pictures of both and help you out with your selection if you'd like.

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I'll put my vote in for Turtle Bay as well.

I've done maybe five or six in TB and LOVE everyone of them.

Abalone shells rock!

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Thank you all!!! My e-mail is sheri at shweri dot com. Would love any photos. Very appreciative!

Is ocean blue darker than midnight blue? I thought they were same. Or do smaller pebbles end up changing color? And thus, is Turtle Bay, which folks here love, loved more than Emerald Bay?

Funny, I saw a photo of one, but not labeled. I said, whatever this color is, that's the one I'm going to get. Pebbletec let me know it was Black Pearl. I do love the black ones, but nervous they will be too pondy in some lights. Or affect resale down the road. But they are gorgeous.

You all have me sold on abalone! That's one decision down! Ah, that may be why Turtle Bay is seeming loved over Emerald Bay! Turtle Bay has enough I don't need to add any, right?

Thank you again. You guys have been more help than PebbleTec, builder, and PT installer! And thanks natural_one for the offer of photos!


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Natural one....I would love to see picture's..I'm in rural MS...the PB only showed me white or gray plaster...I would pay more for a better plaster...I like tropcial looking water...Thank's

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Natural One -- did you get my e-mail address? I didn't write it out properly b/c of spammers that trawl boards to find e-mails. but it's sheri (at symbol) Would love to see Turtle Bay photos! Thanks again for your help!


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emails sent :)

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Just wanted to thank everyone for the advice, and especially to Natural One for sending those photos. I ended up going with Turtle Bay Pebble Sheen & I love it! Just posted a link to the pool forum to pics of the build, and various views of the color. Figured I should post it here too. MSgrana -- what color did you go to?

Here's the link:

Again, thanks all!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool build with Turtle Bay Pebble Sheen

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