Aluminum Decking

joanctJuly 29, 2007

I am in the Sierra Foothills of California. Very hot summers and cold, wet winters with snow. The 400 sf of deck that is not covered gets Southern exposure and is not holding up well. Right now it has cedar planks over 24" center joists. We are going to have to tear it all out, replace most of the joists (they have rotted too), and basically start over. It is about 10 feet off the ground. We are considering aluminum decking, because of the severity of the sun and weather. Can't find a source in California. Also, would like to know other experiences. Every time we think we have figured out what to use for the decking, we hear some horror story. Trex has failed alot in our area. We have also been told that IPE is too much work with the sun exposure we have. I have also been told to not even consider the plastics. Does anyone have any advise or experience with the aluminum?



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I'd forget about that aluminum decking as I don't know of any company making it anymore. AWDS gave me a display deck made out of aluminum & I put it down at my fish camp on the Texas coast. Seems to hold up well in that enviroment, but does get slick when wet.

Don't believe the stories about ipe, it would work fine there. For a composite check out ameradeck @, they have some distributors in Ca.


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I agree with Al,there are a lot of scare stories from Folks that bought into that stuff, a big thumbs down with the alum decking.Also agree ipe will work real well in your area. J

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What problems does aluminum decking have?

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