twp storm shield vs twp 1500 vs woodrich wiping stain

lmgchJuly 17, 2013

I'm slowly coming along with my understanding of my options for finishing our new Ipe wrap around porch.

TWP 100 is not available.

so based on reading and reading previous posts, it seems best alternatives are the TWP Storm Shield (though it "sets up fast"...what in the world does that mean? also, not as many colors), the TWP 1500 (as good as the 100?) or the Woodrich Hardwood Wiping Stain.

Of these options, what would you reco?

and unless we go with the 1500, what would your suggestion be for color options - my husband was hoping for the TWP 103 (dark oak). the storm shield color options are much more limited. and I'd appreciate any perspective on how colors of the Woodrich stain shows.

Many thanks.

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I think TWP116 "Rustic Oak" is the best for Ipe. Beautiful reddish browns which really work with the wood. It looks nothing like the picture on their website.

Unfortunately the EPA has banned its use in PA. The 100 series is the best if you can get it. I have heard of mixed results with the 1500 series.

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bumping this

i can't get the 100, so i'm left to pick between the 1500, the storm shield or the woodrich

would really, really appreciate perspective

my contractor is suggesting messmers, but based on reviews here, i do not want to go that route

thanks so much

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