Cabot deck stain experience

beemdJuly 22, 2007

I hired a guy to power wash and stain my one year old cedar deck two years ago. I had him use Cabot's deck stain because of the number one consumer reports rating. I was very disappointed with flaking of stain on horizontal surfaces at one year. Now at two years, deck looks terrible. My brother is using deck cleaner and power washing deck and almost all old stain coming off very easily from cedar flooring and rails. Interestingly, it is not stripping much at all from support beams which are pressure treated wood.

The guy who did the job 2 yrs ago only allowed 1-2 days drying after powerwashing before applying Cabots. I am hoping that was the main reason why it performed so poorly. I used the 1480 decking stain in New Redwood.

I am leaning towards trying this product again allowing 5 days dry time before staining. I'd try something else, but there are a few remnants of the old product on the rails and of course the support beams which actually look pretty good. Has anyone had a good experience with Cabot's to equal Consumer Reports rating? Any advice? I am just now in day 1 of dry time after powerwashing the deck.

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Hi Beemd,
Describe your deck...height, & orientation.
* A one-yr.-old deck cleaned 2 years ago...???
* That's a good feat! (j/k!!!)
* How close did they have the p/w tip to the wood??
* After most p/w -ing, ONE WEEK is need to dry. Remember, water is being forced into wood to some degree under pressure. It takes longer to come out.


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Sorry about the confusion. The deck is now three years old. It was one year old when Cabot's was first applied :)

I don't know how close he held the power washer...I was at work. The deck is one story high. Cedar flooring/rails with pressure treated wood support columns/beams. It is on the west side of the house with limited sun exposure between being surrounded by the house walls on 3 sides and a wooded backyard. We just had rain last night so I am wanting to wait at least 5 days to stain.

The Cabot's new redwood was semiopaque not allowing much of the wood grain to be seen. The can has directions that you can mix colored stain with their clear stain for a more transucent look. I'm thinking about trying that...I'd like more of the wood grain to show through.

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Your ventilation situation is very good...being over 6' off ground.
* Also very good that sun-exposure is minimal!
* Yes, blending your exising color with the 3000 Cabot Clear-Solution is perfectly fine.
* I wish I had your environment! Ours is west-facing with ZERO shade!


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