Cleaning and Staining my six year old Deck

red62July 25, 2011

For John Hyatt or whoever.

I stained my deck last year with Twp 116 and it looked beautyful. However I noticed this morning there is a lot of black specs on it. I want to clean it and restain with one coat. Will woodrich cleaner remove the black specs but not the stain that is still on it. The stain looks good so I do not want to remove what is there. Thanks John--Red62.

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From John Hyatt whoever person.

TWP 100 series is a build coat finish. This is the 2,000,ooo time this info has been posted by the Whoever.

Sorry Red,I just had to get that out of my system!!!!!!

Woodrich brightner,buffered oxalic acid,will remove those black things but not without Scrubbing. A light oxalic scrubbing/ water rinse will not take the finish off in fact twp is really hard to get off at all. Oxalic is not a cleaner its a brightner but the process will take the mold off and prep the decking for another coat.

JonMon John Hyatt

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