Framed oil painting has returned to dining room

KevinMPApril 7, 2014

The framing shop did just what I wanted, and I think it turned out even better than I'd expected. Right now, it's hung so that the middle of the painting is about 58" off of the floor. The painting itself (framed) is 56". The top edge of the frame is about 4-5" higher than the china cabinet, but you cannot really tell that in some of these pictures because they are pictures, and I didn't want to distort them by standing on something. So I just took a bunch of different angles.

Anyhow, let me know if you like it and if it should be higher or lower or left alone. I hate messing with my plaster, and the nice wiring the frame shop used, so I really don't want to have to move it unless it's absolutely necessary. I just think it'll look silly if it's hung lower because it'll be too close to the floor.

You can sort of see here that it is higher than the china cabinet if you look into the mirror.

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It's perfect. Any lower would be too close to the floor as you say. The 58" rule is the rule of the experts for a reason. Gorgeous painting, gorgeous room. Now go straighten that one chandy shade. (-:

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Lol Patty. I was also going to say, "Please fix that shade before I go nuts." I want to poke my computer screen and straighten it!

Agree also that the painting is placed perfectly and is beautiful.

This kevinmp has, IMO, the best taste. Such a gorgeous home.

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Looks perfect to me.

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Glad you used plein air style framing, it sets your landscape off very nicely. The placement looks just right.

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Looks good. I might have gone another inch or 2 higher, but I can't make that call from a photo on a pc monitor.

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I think I would switch the painting with the mirror if the painting will fit. Pretty painting.

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I like that it is higher than the cabinet. I would even try a little higher as suggested by chispa.

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Looks great in the pictures and if it looks good to you when you are standing in the room, then just sit back and enjoy.

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If the space were not a dining room then I may suggest putting a bit higher as some others have suggested.

But I think as it is now, it is not too low for passers by to appreciate, and not to high for seated diners to appreciate.

So it's perfect.

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It was a nice print without the frame and it is stunning with the frame. I agree, it could be a shade higher, but no big deal if you leave it exactly where it is. Being tall myself, I tend to hang slightly higher, and have to remind myself the rest of the world doesn't view from my perspective.

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It looks positively terrible, awful, hideous. I'll be by in an hour or so to take it off your hands! You can thank me later.

Of course, you know that is total sarcasm. It is a beautiful piece of art and I like how it is framed and where you have hung it. Well done!

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