plastering - best time of day?

fav306May 10, 2011


i'm hearing so many mixed messages on the best time to plaster. can someone ease my mind and give me their thoughts? i have a beautiful 74 degree day coming up with 0 percent of preceip - i live in PA. can the plaster guy come any time during the day as long as he has light?

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First thing in the morning you should begin to plaster. If it will be hot later then great, if it will be cool then add calcium to the mix to set it up faster. For 20 years if I did not have the mortar mixers spinning with plaster by 7:01 a.m I would have old italian men screaming at me from every angle until the first batch was out. I cant imagine doing a plaster at any other time of day. Hairline cracking of the plaster is a real conern if you let the heat of the sun get on it while you are still putting it up the walls.

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The plaster guys on my build showed up before daylight, 6am had everything ready once it was light,

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