How to get rid of moss on brick porch?

piscesgirlJuly 24, 2006

We have a very shaded front brick porch on our new house. Over the last several months a very thick moss has developed on the bricks. The bricks are very rough and the moss is deep in the crevices.

I have taken bleach and a scrub brush to the bricks to try and get the moss off but it is a long and arm breaking process, and the moss doesn't want to seem to come out of the crevices.

Any suggestions, aside from renting a pressure washer, to get rid of the moss? Should I let the bleach sit on the brick, rather than scrubbing it? Any way to help prevent the moss from coming back?

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The bleach is your best bet. When moss grows on brick it is very resistant to letting go. Apply pure household bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite) and let it turn br.own then white. It might take a few applications if its thick. If you aren't going to use a pressure washer use a stiff bristle brush to remove. Letting the solution dry (once it has turned completely white) might make brushing easier on you.

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