IPE shims under joist?

rickcJuly 4, 2008

In trying to level joist, I have a couple that are undersized and was wondering if I can use Ipe to shim 3/16 inch to make top of joist even across deck? ( I have a table saw and can make shims froms some IPE end cuts)

My thoughs are that IPE is hard and won't compress, but don't know how IPE would work for shimming.

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Well, PT shims won't compress any more than PT joists. I wouldn't worry about that. But I have heard that the current PT (ACQ) is only rot resistant on the original surface. If you rip it open, it is not the same thing.

Any comments from a deck pro?

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Certainly if you expose the inner surfaces of PT wood that is not treated, it will rot as quickly as untreated wood.

I would think that the ipe shims would be fine.

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Thanks, I used some IPE shims and hoping this is the way to go.

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Ipe works great for shims, take those cutoffs and rip them to any size you need. A small bit of Gorilla glue can help it stay in place.

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