Post and Beam - Sandwich or Post Cap

bibboJuly 27, 2012

Building a deck. Small. 8' x 10'.

Regarding my post and beam, which I only have three and then the ledger. I often see two design regarding how the beams are attached to the posts.

Sandwich - where (2) 2x12 are sandwhiched on the 4x4 beam. And then the joists would lay on top. Much like a Pergola.

Post Cap - Where (2) 2x12 are are put side by side and attached to the top of 4x4 beam with a post cap.

Which is better? Which is stronger?



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Not a fan of sandwich, unless you are going to go with a 6x6 post and notch the post so the beams are sitting in the notches. If you just sandwich, the support of your posts rely on the bolts attachments. Check with your local code to see what is required.

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We used a notched wood post beam connection, but you can't do that with a 4x4 post. How far off the ground is your deck going to be?

Here is a link that might be useful: Notched Wood Post Beam Connection

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Current code says:
1. Use 6x6 posts, not 4x4.
2. Don't sandwich beams, either set them on top of the post with a post beam connector, or notch out the posts and set them on top of the horizontal part of the notch.

Lots of people made decks in the past (and many probably still do) with sandwiching, but post caps are better.

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