big question...ipe or trex..cost vs. looks

magana2112July 17, 2007


I am about to plan a 900 square foot deck. it will get full sun and sit about 8-10 feet away adajacent to a swimming pool. I love the idea of an IPE deck but from everyone i spoke with , it will cost about twice as much. in fact one contracter qupoted me 60$ a square foot!...thats 36,000.00 bux just for the IPE. that doesnt include foundation, railing, substructure.etc. a Trex deck would cost ..all said and done about the same price 36,000.00. This is in So. califorina, south bay palos verdes area. a rip bucause I am in california or does IPE realy cost that much?

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Do Not Use trex decking for anything but land fill,of course its not all that good for that either.

Money is a funny deal, I do ipe projects for hmmmmm between $25 a sq ft to $45, belive me if I could get $ 60 I would do it real quick.

I am not understanding a deck not including foundation,railing, or substructure etc,but if I could get paid for a project missing all those things Hey Man I would do that as well at $60 a sq. J.

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get some more bids/quotes - you're fixing to get ripped off for those prices in my opinion!!

agree about Trex decking - ugly, with a very poor track record (other composites out there worth while, but not Trex)

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The ipe will cost more then trex, but not too much more. Around 15% more.

I am in Nor Cal, and those costs are way out of line. Unless of course you are on a cliff.

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all, than you very much for the feed back. i have two more folks coming in this week. (one has not heard of IPE, DOH!)
i'm not on a cliff by any means, the deck will span over a slope, however, not a steep one at all. where abouts in nor cal and could you make any recomendations for a contractor near cal

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Magana, I am in Los Gatos, near San Jose.

Sorry, I cannot recomend any contractors down your way.

For $60/sq. ft., I might be persuaded to bring my trailer and crew down and do the job. JK

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if i could get the whole thing done start to finish, id pay 60 a square. thats 36k, which just happens to be my budget.

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