Gunite Newbie :)

PD2911May 9, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I found this site last night and spent hours reading posts and looking at pics. This is a great forum and filled with information. As my subject states I am new to the gunite pool. We had a pool installed in the early 90s but it was vinyl, I was not really involved other than choosing the liner. I have decided to do a small pool and am going with gunite. I have been researching online b/c I knew nothing about gunite. I am realizing as I read in this forum there are some decisions I will need to make so please help! :)

The pool is a free form that I have designed myself to fit the space. The size is 20'x15'X4' with SPA. This is totally a social pool, it is as much about the water features and LED lighting for me as it is enjoying being in the pool. It will be located right next to the sunroom which has floor to ceiling windows 9' tall. I was told by Blue Haven Pools(they are not my PB) when I spoke with their local rep that having a Diamond Brite finish would make the surface smoother, since it is only 4' deep the feel to our feet will be much more important. Is that true about the Diamond Brite? I also would like Laminar Jets with LED lights and a color changing LED pool light. At the end of the pool will be a curved 5' stacked stone wall and I would like a simple waterfall feature. So given those specs what color Diamond Brite quartz color do you suggest ? Also I have not been given a price on the Laminar Jets could anyone please give me price info? ANY suggestions on other aspects of the pool would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Sorry for the long post :(.

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Sounds nice, but also sounds EXPENSIVE. I think PBs "get you" with all of the extras, I swear it is worse than buying a car. I found this website to be a good source, at least gives me a price?

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Thanks for the post Myfirstpool. :)
The wall is not being constructed by the PB. I have a man who takes care of my landscapes and hardscapes, so he will build the wall. I had also found that website on the laminar jets. I am glad I have planned a small pool, will only need 2. I have one quote that is good, it includes Diamond Brite, but not the laminar jets or the Sheer Desent. It is $20500.00. It also includes the sandstone coping I want and the tile to the water line.
These guys have been around for at least 20 years, we used them for concrete work that far back. I went to see a gunite pool they built today. It was a community pool in a subdivision of homes. The Diamond Brite finish concerned me. It looked like patches of white throughout the bottom of the pool. Anyone have an idea why that would be?

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