Aqua Blue PS and color changing LED lights

megankheapsMay 18, 2011

Does anyone have Aqua Blue PS AND color changing LED lights? I am just wondering how they work with a colored pool finish. I also have a few mosaics (a few turtles and a few crabs) that have already been ordered. How would they look on the PS? I am about 10 days from plaster and need to make a decision very soon. I want no green in my pool so I am looking at finishes that will give me a blue look. I know landscape and sun have a lot to do with the color but I am trying to avoid greens at all costs. I do not want PT b/c I have heard mixed reviews on the feel. I don't want to spend all that money for my kids to complain that it hurts their feet. Ant help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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You really need to go walk in a PT and a PS pool - feeling it with your hands doesn't give you the same feel that you will experience. Just stand on the top step and scuff your feet around. It'd be even better if you could sit on them, but that's probably pushing it.
I think PT feels smoother because the pebbles are bigger. Feels like tiny round river rock. And I think the PS feels gritty. My PB is not a big PS fan because he thinks it's harder for the installers to get as perfect.
I hear you on the green color - good thing it was explained to me that our city water is green or else I'd be hyperventilating about my Blue Lagoon right now. They came by and "started up" the pool yesterday and it really blued up within about 30 minutes. It should blue up even more during the next week.
Also, although I only wanted white, the PB put in the disco lights because only Intellibrite/Staybrite makes a white-only LED and he didn't want to deal with another company - he's all Hayward (didn't charge me for the lights).
I'll have time to update my blog later today and will be including some night shots from last night, although I only know how to turn it on blue. (When I turned it on Tuesday night, I got blue, then purple, but now I can only get blue, which is fine with me. Will need to get lessons on the lights one of these days.) The color should be similar because Blue Lagoon is the PT version of Aqua Blue (which was my first choice for a long time until I scuffed around in a PS pool).

Here is a link that might be useful: My New Blue Pool Blog

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We are going with St Thomas Blue Pebble Sheen. I too dont want the kids scraping up their feet and knees. My PB had samples and we walked on both. I though the Sheen was alot smoother than the Tec

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Honestly, I know lots of people with PebbleTec and never heard of anybody or their kids ever complaining about it.

It's really personal preference, but you really should walk on the surfaces in a pool. The little sample chunks don't feel anything like a real pool.

Our neighbors insist that they have PebbleTec St Thomas Blue, but of course, there is no such color on the PebbleTec/PebbleSheen website or in their materials, so I can't figure out what brand/color it is. Their pool is rougher than ours and has some sharp spots in it that really need to be sanded down or something - one spot is right on one of the steps where we're always sitting.

I don't know anybody with mosaics and a pebble finish, but I've seen tile step markers and they look good. I have a friend with a very complicated flying fish and mahi mahi ($$$) multi-mosaic pattern in the large deep end of his plaster pool and you can never see it unless there is no wind and the little fountain jet things turned off and nobody is swimming in it. Otherwise it just looks like some blue and yellow spots of something down there. It's even arranged so that the shadows are true to the sun angle of the pool, but I don't think he thinks it was worth it. After seeing that, I'd only consider putting them on the steps or shallower areas.

Just some things to think about.

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Not too many people in my area even have Pebble Tec much less the more expensive Sheen to check out so I am going on the advice and pics from this board. Hence, the reason Sheen is an 11k upgrade. My mosaics will be on my sun shelf and on the 3 benches so they won't be deep at all. We have 15 pools in my neighborhood of 30 homes, 13 are gunite and only 1 has an alternative finish, which is quartz (nice but I want to stick with the Pebble Tec products because they have a proven history). I know PT is used like the word Kleenex and so many people say they have it and it is a different brand with different colors. I am torn between aqua blue and blue granite pebble sheen. Waiting to hear back from the PB if either is an upgraded color. This is so stressful b/c it is not an easy fix if I hate it.

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Yikes! PT and PS are the same price here, except just a couple of the PS colors are more expensive. And our Shimmering Sea is a flat $200. I think our whole pool was $7-8K.
I went to see a Blue Granite pool and it's definitely darker and more gray than the Aqua Blue. If you go to my blog, one of my February postings about tiles and pebbles and coping oh my, has pictures and my thoughts about the Aqua Blue. I could never put the Blue Granite in my pool because it would get too hot here in Florida in the hot afternoon sun. The one I saw was north facing and in a cage, so it would be okay.
I'm thrilled with my Blue Lagoon now that it's turned blue - it is just such an inviting color, I want to jump in every time I walk by.
Good luck to you and keep us posted. I really like the Peeble finish and I've seen so many beautiful colors and pools, I came to realize that I'd be happy with many of them, so even though I think my waterline tile clashes with the pool color, I'm okay because the tile is always in shadow under the coping and the pool color is the overwhelming thing so that I'm never looking at the tile! Hope that makes sense.

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