advice needed for repairing porch

yunaJuly 12, 2012

Hi everyone. The very top step of my porch was damaged some time ago. In attempt to fix it, I ended up removing a piece of trim that was affixed to the edge - it was pretty shattered. At first I thought I could just replace that piece of trim but the trim was attached with these round discs that protrude into middle of the trim and I am not sure if I can reproduce this attachment. And as you can see, the top step is kind of weathered at the edge but aside from that area, the rest of the porch floor is in pretty good shape and I would like to keep it if possible. Please let me know if you have any ideas how I can tackle this problem. Thank you so much.

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That is called a biscuit joint. Cut back to good wood and try the local lumber yard for stair nosing or landing tread. It will be for interior so you'll have to adapt, and it may only be available in oak.
Find the nosing material before making the cut. Pay attention to the thickness where it meets the existing. Ask the guys where you buy it for attachment advice.

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I can't see this project possibly being worth the investment into a biscuit jointer, although it may be possible to rent one.

The porch material looks to be plywood. I'd cut it back to beyond the damage and replace it. Depending on how the joists run, you may need to cut it back to the next joist.

I wouldn't bother with biscuits for the trim piece. Use outdoor rated construction adhesive and some trim screws to attach it.

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