new cushions or new furniture?

seaswirlApril 9, 2013

The interior of our shore home was wrecked in Hurricane Sandy. However, our 20-year old living room furniture was spared. ItâÂÂs a wood frame set with no upholstery, just cushions. The cushions have needed to be replaced for a few years, but the wood part is perfect (needs to be MurphyâÂÂs oil soaped). My dilemma is this: WeâÂÂve gotten estimates for new covers (not the foam part because thatâÂÂs OK) ranging from $1900 to $3500. The last estimate was $2580 and we really liked the fabric that went with that estimate.

We could get a new Broyhill set for $2300. We like the old set . . . it looks beachy and fits well in our house, but do we really want to spend that much money refurbishing a 20-year old set? Plus, it really makes me sick to just throw the old set away. Somebody talk me into something!

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Hard to say from what you have written... are you saying that there is nothing but wood & cushions? No webbing or springs? If the pieces are good quality and comfortable and work in your space, then recovering makes sense. But the price seems very high....

How many cushions & how much fabric? Is the estimate from an upholstery shop or a private seamstress? And is it broken out by fabric and labor? Can you maybe shop the fabric yourself and ask at fabric stores for referrals to private seamstresses?

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I'm sorry that you had damage from Sandy. As for your furniture, I would keep it and make new cushions if you love the furniture and find it comfortable, attractive and befitting to your lifestyle. Why dispose of items that you like?

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A agree - if you love it and it suits your lifestyle, why buy new? Without pictures, it's hard to comment on pricing but I would shop the price a bit more and as mentioned look into buying fabric on your own, not from the upholsterer. I'd also re-think the foam being replaced. After 20 years even the best foam has seen better days. To do a first rate job, a good upholsterer would want to use new foam and new wrap so their work is well represented.

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I love my wood frame furniture and certainly don't blame you for wanting to keep yours. I'm "assuming" it's something similar to the Bennington pine sets that were so popular back then. I'm sure that this will cause several raised eyebrows but here goes. Yes, the fabric could be expensive but the foam is the real money. I I trash picked my cushions and my son swears it's the most comfortable couch he's ever sat on! I went out of the box with the back cushions and they've worked out even better.
Instead of the squarish cushions the couch and loveseat had, I also trash picked large "throw type" pillows from another set.
Either way, if you love it keep it or let me know if you're letting it go-I'll come pick it up!

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i'm sorry for the damage. we were thankfully spared. if the furniture has lasted 20 years, it is undoubtedly good quality. what does it look like? pics? i might be tired of looking at something for so long, BUT if i were to replace the sofa entirely, i'd be looking at much better quality than broyhill. i'm assuming you want it to last more than a couple of years.

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