white cabs or maple?

cindywhitallMarch 20, 2013

I have sapphire blue granite that really looks dark to me, the "blue" flecks don't do much to lighten the overall look. The floor is primarily grey tile, but it has streaks of brown, beige and rust, it looks kind of like slate to me. It is porcelain, but does have some texture to it.

I have white thermofoil doors that I'd like to change. My options are to get new cognac stained maple cabinets or get new white wooden doors, possibly glazed. Pretty sure that with new end panels and new doors that match there would be very little paint that would show, and we would probably be able to touch it up to match. This white prevents me from going with a cream color paint.

We will be putting in a new backsplash. We are not tied to a color palette, but probably neutral, maybe tending toward sage green, or a taupe.

I really want the new cabinets, but removing and re-using the granite is apparently a risk, potentially on over $1000 risk. New doors will be a lot of $ in comparison to what new cabs would cost, but would still be cheaper for materials, and would be able to be a diy project. Not sure if new cabs are diy or not, but we might attempt it, if only we can get the granite off.

I wanted to know how "in" white still is compared to stained wood. I see a lot of pictures of white kitchens, but the majority have wooden floors. Our style is what I consider traditional, maybe transitional if that is less formal that traditional. We are not "modern" but not "country" either. Just kind of somewhere in the middle.

I'd consider refacing if it were less than replacing. How do I locate a REAL refacer and not one of those chains like Sears or Lowes etc? I've heard they charge the mid-teens and up and mine is a 10 x 10 with a 48" island and one small extra side.


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I like white kitchens but wood is nice, too. With the dark counter tops, the wood cabinets would be less of a contrast than the white. Do you like the contrast of your current white cabinets?

Also, how many upper cabinets to you have? I usually like wood cabinets, when they have few uppers/lots of windows. Glass uppers and plate racks also help break up the 'all wood' look, by showing some of your dishes and display.

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Starting at one end and going left...I have one 42 long " upper, then a 36" window, an angle corner, then a 30" to the left of the corner, 30" above the micro, 18" to the left of the micro. None will be getting plate racks or glass as I have them crammed full of stuff. They are 42"high. Oh, on another wall there is one cab above the fridge and a 24" next to the fridge.

I have used the extra space as storage for my holiday stuff. It is so much easier than wrapping, packing and lugging holiday stuff out of the basement or attic! Also, I am not neat enough and my stuff isn't nice enough for glass.

I am tired of the white, but we have a blue (shades of blue) backsplash and blue walls, and it may be the blue that I am tired of, and not really the white. The walls will be painted and the backsplash may go, we'll see after the walls get changed.

I like the white just fine, but I really like real wood. I'm hoping using real wood in white will satisfy me. Hubby pointed out with the $ we save by not having to pay for install, and maybe some savings on doors vs whole cabinets (though I hear doors are 80% of the cost of the cabs) we can put the $ toward the stainless appliances. I think losing the blue, getting stainless will help me like the white again.

Considering a glazed white, though I've read that is becoming dated. I thought it would highlight the structure of the cabinet doors and make me feel more like it was changed.

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I have white thermofoil cabinets that came with the house. After 8 years of living with them we have come to the conclusion that whole cabinet needs to go. I still like white and plan to replace with white wood shaker style. The option you choose depends on how long you are going to live where you are at. I think from an investment perspective I would replace the counter top unless you are in love with the color. As for stainless, white is making a come back.

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