January, 2013 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJanuary 1, 2013

Here we go again!! Christmas is over and all the quilts were made and given (good job Linda/OH!). A brand new year to contemplate if we'll do anything different this year from last year as far as quilting goes. I've read where a few are making quilts for themselves......I would say it's about time! I received a gift cert to JoAnn's but will wait awhile before using it. I also received some very pastelish fabric.....looks so soft, but will wait til inspired to decide what to do with them. I hesitate to make any goals for this month, but I might iron some butterflies onto the Citrus Cooler top I made from the Jelly Roll I received last year. Still would like to make a couple Lotto blocks, too. We'll see.

Are you all resting this month, or do you have any sewing plans?......other than cleaning, reorganizing or straightening up the sewing room.


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1) I need to make DD's quilt that is technically for Christmas, but that I didn't start until a couple of days ago. She wants to take it home to CO in eight days. It will be machined quilted, straight lines, very geometric.

2) Make at least one children's home quilt out of the beautiful Asian inspired fabric. Nothing fancy here, probably just 8" or so blocks.

3) Sandwich and start quilting #2 DD Asian quilt.

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I am going to re-arrange my sewing room. It is a mish-mash of tables and cabinets and I'm tired of it. Gonna move the frame so it has better light, too.

Gotta finish the quilt for my bed. It has been 18 months in the making and only 1/3 done.

Reduce the stash. Folks at work are still sending me fabric for my comfort quilts and it has got to get put away or into quilts.


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Finish Blackford's Beauty for our friend Bryan. I'm working on the next to last block now so hopefully will be able to assemble it next weekend.

Piece a QOV top for another group if the last pieces are sent to me soon.


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- Make 4 towel toppers with towels for friends
- Embroider towel for another friend
- Embroider owl oven mitts for daughter
- Embroider 4 kitchen towels for friends and relatives
- Embroider kitchen towel for myself!
- Sew and embroider runner for my dining server
- Sew table runner for dining table
- Sew sheers for son's oddly sized windows
- Sew tote for friend

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I need to get away from any serious quilting for a bit to refresh. Doesn't mean I won't be in my sewing room. I want to get the paisly wallpaper off, and the walls painted. I may leave one wall as an accent, but it's a project long overdue. Get a work table in, move one of the roll pressing machines in. Get my back-up sewing machine onto a table so I can leave two set-up so I'm not playing 'change the threads, change the presser feet'. I have gone through some cuts of canvas to see if a floor cloth might happen. I still want to make a purse out of quilted fabric. I still have a jewel box scrappie to sandwich and quilt on machine. I think the next quilt top will be the wool one and this one is a JUST FOR ME quilt too. Oh btw, here is the little rocker I replaced the cane seat on last week.

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I made a few table runners and toppers for Xmas gifts.

I think I may do more of these this month. I plan to take them to next year's Xmas bazaar. Never know...may even sell a few!! Worth a try.

That's about it. I've promised myself not to make any large quilts in 2013. I am finding it too frustrating quilting them on my small machine and the budget won't allow for anything bigger.

The smaller projects will give me an outlet for my creativity without undue frustration.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013.
I am looking forward to seeing your quilt pics in the coming year.


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My goal, after I take a break, is to quilt some of the tops that are hanging in the closet. I want to start with some table runners and placemats.
I received several new quilt books and a pack of batik FQs for Christmas so I know I will be starting something new soon.
Happy New Year everyone! Can't wait to see all your new quilts in 2013!
Linda OH

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I am going to finish my nephew's wedding quilt this month if it kills me. LOL Then I will start a quilt for me.


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Boy! No grass grows under any of your feet!

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This month is half over already!! Did you girls get your rooms straightened up, moved around and depapered? How about all the sewing that needed to get completed? I have the flange and first border on the quilt for Katie, have figured out a ribbon block for the corners, have one made and the pieces cut for the other three.....was afraid I'd have to pp it and wasn't looking forward to it. I also think I'll make some hearts and applique them on the borders. Am also working on a commission quilt but it's an easy one....zig-zag Rail Fence.


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I have made a very small dent in the quilt tops waiting to be quilted. I quilted four table runners and four place mats, put the Hello Sun blocks together and quilted, and am working on putting my granny squares into a top. I played with EQ7 today to plan a quilt with the batik fat quarters my DD gave me for Christmas.
Linda OH

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Linda/OH, You've done a good job of putting those fabrics together in a pleasing way. I would never have thought to do that. Good eye!!!

YIPPEEEEE I have my van back so I can get to the LQS to get backing for Katie's quilt today. The granddaughter's Jeep broke down last week on her way home from Orlando so we loaned her our van to take back with her as she needed a way to get back and forth to college classes and work.


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I love the blocks and the colors. Is that a pattern or did you just create the block. Looks like one I'd like to try some day.


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Linda/OH - gorgeous!!! Yummy, yummy batiks, great pattern and layout.

My only goal for this month, now that I have my sewing room back, is to get a grip on each project I started last year and didn't finish. I need a plan. This will be my year to finish stuff instead of starting new stuff.


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Linda OH...Love that design...I would never have thought of using batiks ...but it goes to show...you can't go wrong with any batik! Just beautiful.

In general, how do you like the EQ software?


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The name of the block in EQ7 is Eight Pointed Star Variation. I love my EQ software. I have been using it for several years. I started with EQ5 and bought each upgrade as they became available.
I haven't started this quilt yet. What you see is what I designed in EQ7. My batiks are very similar though. I am trying to finish some projects from last year before I start work on this new quilt.
Linda OH

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Linda, I love EQ for playing with color and layouts, too! I have v.6...I chose not to spend the $ to upgrade to v. 7 since I only use it occasionally. If I was seriously designing quilts I would upgrade.

I finished my Blackford's Beauty top yesterday! I still haven't gotten the last few pieces of the QOV top, so I'm on to the next thing, which is a colorwash Hunter's star wall hanging. Hopefully I can get a good start on it next weekend!


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Here it is the last day of January, 2013! My oldest grandchild is 33 today....WOW!

I'm with you girls that want to finish up the projects that have already been started. Eventually, we'll get them done! It helps that when someone wants/needs a quilt that I usually have a top made (or almost made) that will fit the occasion.

I have Katie's quilt ready for quilting...would sure like to get it completed today as DD plans to see her on Saturday. All the blocks are made for the Zig-Zag and I'm happy with how they all look together. As a whole, I'm pleased with how much I got done this month. How about you?


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Linda/OH...love the pattern and layout. Your quilt will be gorgeous.

I was busy all month making runners and toppers and small baby quilts.
I got lots of projects pieced but need to quilt them. I am going to continue piecing more of these small projects during February and then start the actual quilting in March.


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