What is needed for LED under cabinet lighting

Drew0535March 23, 2013

I am remodeling my kitchen and I am wanting to do the tape LED lighting under my cabinets. The company that is selling my cabinets offers it however it seems to be a little expensive. I have seen it online and think I can probably get it cheaper. However I am not sure everything I need. Obviously I need the tape but what else would I need? I don't have a ton of cabinets and it is an L shaped kitchen. If possible I would like to have both sides on a dimmer switch. The lights will be hard wired however I believe I need a power source or converter. Also I have read about jumpers or leads to connect the separate section. So what exactly would I need and any recommendations on where to get it? Any advice or help is appreciated.

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There is some great info over in the lighting forum if you do a search there.

What do you consider expensive? I am also picking out UC lights. I have about 11 linear feet of uppers in 3 sections. For hardwired dimmable LED it's going to cost me about $650.

I'm far from an expert on this, but I have asked a lot of questions trying to find a less expensive option. Dimmable is the expensive part. To start you must make sure the product you are looking at is dimmable, not all are.

You also need a power supply, and electricity for each area if there is a gap in cabinets, since you are talking hard wired that means wires in the wall to each place and a junction box. You also need a driver, I think those also come dimmable/non-dimmable, and they are expensive. Plus a compatible dimmer, which are also expensive as far as switches go. That's as far as I got researching because by the time I got that far I could already tell the environmental lighting product was less expensive for my project, plus they have been recommended here and have good support (you can send then your plan and they will send you back a plan/parts list).

Some products are more inclusive, for example the ones I'm using from environmental lighting has lighting bars that include a driver. A lot depends on the system you are using. If you can't find what you need in the lighting forum, try posting about the specific product you are looking at.

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as noted depends on the system. Based here local retail is no more expensive than online for the same product- give or take maybe 10% at most. There are cheaper brands online than local dealers carry but bet if you found someone handling Chinese caibnets they might have some bargain lights.

i.e I carry Hafele and The Lighting Division both at the same price you could find on line. Neither is the cheapest line out there, just what I'm willing to be responsible for.

YMMV be sure check the lumen output and lights per foot when comparing .

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I was looking at the tape lighting and I have seen rolls for I believe around $50 for 15 ft which is about all I will need. Not sure on the quality of it though. The sales rep for the cabinet company I know somewhat and he told me to look elsewhere because they are expensive. I have a contractor doing the work, again someone I somewhat know, and our agreement is I will provide the lighting supplies and he will have them installed.

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Drew the Hafele 2015 runs around 180 the 2013 is 150 online at cabinetparts.com.

Compare the light levels/number of bulbs to get an idea if at least your starting with enough light. Other than that don't know how to judge the quality.
Also compare the cost of drivers and parts- can't judge without a complete package.

Once you get a number see if there is someone local with comparble product and price. Be a lot easier if you can get guidance not to mention service if there's a problem.
Edited to add- should mention that 50 is far far below my cost from any of the 3 suppliers I considered.

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