Drop-in grill question

DarelJuly 19, 2011

Going to be building a small "kitchenette" on the new deck I'm building. I've been looking around at drop-in grills and I was wondering why they are so much more expensive than freestanding grills. Just looking at comparable models (similar size, features, manufacturers) a drop-in grill costs a couple hundred dollars more than if I were to buy a freestanding grill and just not use the stand. Why? What's different?

Also, are there any grease-dripping issues with drop-in grills or do they have a mechanism to collect it? I'm using ipe and don't exactly want grease drippings on my new decking.



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I feel your pain. I am building an outdoor kitchen on my deck as we speak and the built-in models are not cheap. I assume it is mostly due to less demand. Although I think most of the built-in models are constructed to be a little less disposable than some of the free standing ones. I ended up getting a Napoleon Mirage grill. Price point was good and they seem to be quality units.

As far as grease goes, since mine is built-into a cabinet I am not as concerned, but my grill came with a grease tray under the grill that catches the grease. You can slide it out and clean it when it gets too gross. I have not even used mine yet, as I just ran natural gas last weekend to my island and I am still trying to get everything constructed so I can't offer any first hand experience at this point. Good luck.


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