Orange County pool builders?

ocpoolguy1May 19, 2013

I just bought a house. It was from a pool builder who went bankrupt. Oddly enough he didn't have a pool in the backyard. Who should I call to get one installed? I'm in newport beach.
California pools?

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We are in the same boat. I called California Pools, twice but did not get a return call until 2+ wks later, not impressed. I am taking with Mission Pools now.

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Here is who I have talked to:

Alan Smith Pools - good reviews on Angies list. Higher priced in quote.

Dreamscapes by MGR - no reviews, great website, does not subcontract. competitive quote.

Fluid Dynamics - Need to hire a designer as they dont do inhouse. Did not quote yet

PureWaterPools - smaller company, got a great referral (leading pool industry guy) but not much on their website. No idea on price or quality, meeting with them soon.

California Pools - scared of this company due to lots of bad reviews. I bet they will be cheapest price but is it worth it??

Any one else can share experiences on these would be great

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Fluid Dynamics with Dave Penton is part of a group that I belong to. We operate in the same area. Top notch builder.

Randy Beard (Pure Water Pools) is also a top notch builder and an industry leader.

Both guys like myself are not the cheapest guys around but you will get a pool that is built correctly and is up to all the codes just not the ones that are minimal required from the building department.

Alan Smith pools is mainly a plaster company that has branched out into pool building. I don't use him for plaster because he is now my competitor.

Dreamscapes by MGR. Their product looks nice although you will not get the internal quality like Fluid Dynamics gives you.

California Pools is a lot of slick advertising. You get what you pay for.

You couldn't go wrong with Fluid Dynamics or Pure Water Pools.

Hope this helps.

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thanks. that is good feedback.

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I had a quote from Mission Pools, they are top notch, but entry level for pool/spa, firepit, permits, equip and basic cement coping and ceramic tile was running about $73 with zero hardscape. That means at the edge of the coping there was only dirt around the pool. I was thinking I could get a basic pool/spa installed for $45-55k. Adding a patio cover, pavers etc, will push us over $100k. Oh well, it was worth a try.

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