Best fasteners for 1x6 Garapa

run53July 22, 2009

In a previous post I mentioned I decided to go with 1x6 Garapa. I am working with East Teak to finalize my order.

What would the best fastener be? George at East Teak has Headcote #7 2.25" 350 per bx (100 sft) at 49.50 per bx. Does that make sense? I have read other posts that recommend #8. Something about #1 square bit will strip more easily. Any experience with these #7 screws?

I will not be plugging. Also, which color is best with Garapa? I am thinking Tan.

Thanks again for all the great advice here.


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I use noting but #7 square drive trim head ss screws to fasten S American lumber and havent for 15 years or so.

Garapa finishes up very well with twp cedartone natural I have also mixed twp CTN and dark oak to get a brown color. J.

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I used 8's for 1x6 Ipe and think the 7's would have worked just fine and saved some $$. Listen to John


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I use #7 and #8 headcotes for my decks. The #2 square drive is easier to use...less chance of stripping. An impact driver is the best tool for screwing them in.


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OK...sounds like a couple votes for #7 and one for #8 (due to the #2 drive bits).

I was planning to use my standard vsr electric drill equipped with the smartbits setup for pre-drill/countersink. Would the impact drill really make that much of a difference in reducing stripping? If so, it'll be a good excuse for me (to use with my wife) to add to my tool collection (I love tools).

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an impact driver makes a big difference! Between the Dewalt and Makita 18 volts - go with the Makita Lion. I just bought the Makita to replace a stolen Dewalt. (Buy the driver/drill set). Everyone I know that has tried an impact driver has bought one shortly thereafter.

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Makita Lithium Ion 18V

is the one Salmon is referring to. Try Mcfeely's for good deals online.

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