Need layout help - on my own now

skeylargoMarch 6, 2013

We were struggling for a long time as to where to put the fridge
We have also decided not to use our KD Friend - he did a kitchen for a friend and I thought it was very expensive for what she got, did not like some of the workmanship and he took over 3 months to complete.
So now I am on my own, trying to decide on the final layout. So this is my floor plan (the kitchen is somewhat to scale, the rest is not as it was after-thought to draw it in).

I thought it only made sense to move the stove since there is no landing space to the left of it in a current location and it is by the entryway and I get blind corner to the right of it.
I like the sink under the window so dishwasher would stay as well.
There were only 2 options I saw for the fridge, at either end of the cabinet run - we decided by the doorway to the hallway since it seemed cramped by the Lr/Dr doorway for opening doors and maintenance. WeâÂÂve decided on CD fridge since we thought regular depth will close in the kitchen more and make it too cramped by the table (can not recess fridge here, return vent in the closet). A little worried that freezer space will not be sufficient but I guess weâÂÂll have to deal with it. Right now by the hall doorway we have a 12 inch shallow cabinet under the phone and someone also suggested that maybe put in 12â base and wall cabinet, than fridge. ThatâÂÂs where we keep all our mail and âÂÂjunkâ right now.
HereâÂÂs a possible layout with cabinet options that Costco did for me - chose to use blind corner in upper because otherwise I would have only 9â left for an upper cabinet to the left of the window (using standard cabinets) and I did not think it would look good.

Not sure what/where I will get cabinets yet - online (including possibly custom or semi custom RTA), IKEA, big box etc but want to have general layout finalized so I can compare apples to apples.
I was thinking if available to put 15â uppers on fridge side so I wonâÂÂt see the sides of the microwave. I was also debating if I should bump out the sink cabinet. Do you see any major problems with what I have right now? Is there something I am missing?

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Are you going to keep using the LR as the DR and vice versa?

Do you now have a door from the kitchen into the current LR but not the DR? If you changed that you could move or close up the old DR door and improve your layout. That is a long way between range and water across a trafficky floor.

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To go to the current DR we go through the current LR - it is not that big of a deal and have no problems even carrying full soup bowls, just around the corner. We don't use DR that often but when we do we like the "bowling alley" room to have long table that can be extended forever and fit lots of people. Closing the doorway to current LR would help kitchen layout but it is not an option - no good way to get to DR and we might have to re-arrange the rooms to original when we decide to sell the house in the future.

I was wondering about the range being across from the sink and distance but where else can I put the stove?

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