Question - double wedding ring patterns

toolgrannyJanuary 18, 2011

Looking at the antique quilts posting, I'm wondering about the cornerstone parts of this block. In the picture they are different colors, pink and blue. In the instructions I copied from the web, they are the same so the finished four patch looks all one. I've started with that premise but wonder if most are using two colors.

Do any of you have more of these quilts and are your corner pieces all the same color? I still have time to change this restoration which gets cornerstones starting today.

Any pictures out there?

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Guess I should have googled this first. Lots of pictures all over and I see now that I'd better rework my kitted blocks to have two colors. Not sure what color to use with what I'm making but I'll figure out something.

Don't mind me - its' still early in California and I haven't had my coffee yet.

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Here is a picture of the DWR that I made for my DD and DSIL.
I used two colors for the cornerstones.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Double Wedding Ring

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that's inspiring, Linda. The colors blend with the curve so nicely. I'm using strips already made in the 30s so colors are very scrappy and I have no choice. I just picked two cornerstones that look best with the bands I've been handed. They aren't true curves and won't look nicely circular but can't help that. My cousin will love it.

I like your quilting and may copy a motif here and there if I may.

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Linda, your quilt is gorgeous! I bet your dd loves it.

I just got some old quilts and have been trying to figure out who made what. Here are a couple of the double wedding ring quilts my great grandmother made:

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Oh those are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking of making a DWR for years, I love them. I bought E. Burns 'Egg Money Quilts' with a DWR in mind. She has a Christmas table topper that has 1 color corners.
Many of the antique ones looked scrappy and had 4 different fabrics for the cornerstones.
IMO either way is gorgeous!!!
Linda I hope you post pics as you go!
I plan to start with a topper.

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Great quilts Marti.

Linda, I've never made a DWR, but if you want to make it traditional, from what I've seen, there are 2 fabrics.


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Beautiful quilts!! I would love to do a DWR, but I don't think my skill level is ready for that! Maybe in a few years....


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I have misplaced my book with the double wedding ring pattern. My quilt pattern had very small pieces; 9 pieces formed the arch alternating pattern fabrics with solids. Can someone help me find such a pattern or will the directions for the DWR using larger pieces work for piecing my nearly completed quilt?

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Here is a vintage DWR pattern.

Here is a link that might be useful: DWR

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