Windows on each side of range...herbs?

lavender_lassMarch 20, 2013

As some of you know, I do like the range between windows idea, but I've been worried about losing upper cabinet storage...but they are pretty! From Farmhouse plans

From [Kitchen plans](

And then it occurred to me...what if I put herbs in each window? Close to the range and decorative, too!

From Farmhouse plans

Does anyone have something similar, in their kitchen?

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Beautiful! Sadly no, because I have cats (sigh). Otherwise I absolutely would. I grow them on the deck just outside kitchen.

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I have done this and it reveals some problems:

Near a stove you get tiny accumulations of grease droplets (even with a hood) and that serves to attract - and hold - tiny bits of stuff floating around in the air: pet fur, dust, etc. (And in my case some air pollution from wood stove in same room - grr!) So while they look nice as decorative plants, I'm not that keen on eating them.

I was v. bummed to discover this as I have very low windowsills and planned to put pots below the counters to use that space. It just didn't work.

Back in the 80's when I spent time dressing sets for cooking shows I used to park the (nursery-grown) pots in every set.

I hold my winter (edible) herbs in a very sunny south facing window, and even then they don't really thrive. At best during the winter they exist, because as you know most culinary herbs are huge sun lovers.

The other horticultural issue is temps:(which is related to amount of sunlight, too). The areas where I have good sunlight are nearest the windows and even with double glazing that is a very cold microclimate - too cold for any regrowth. I can get herbs in my very minimally (if at all) cold greenhouse, under low plastic tunnels and in cold frames inside the greenhouse to do OK, and I have room enough for a decent amount of harvest even without any real regrowth during the coldest months. So except for extremely temperature sensitive perennial herbs like capers, rosemary and bay, I have abandonned indoor herbs.

Also, I don't recall if your stove/window wall is a true exterior one or if it gives n to one of your porches. I've found that nothing except a clear south exposure works in the winter. Even growlights don't provide sufficient light.



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Mine, too, will eat anything: for some odd reason they're nuts for chives!

I do give them cat grass which I grow specially for them, but they prefer French thyme, rose geraniums, and tarragon. They are herb snobs.


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I have cats, but no one seems to want to nibble on the rosemary I have in the window, over the sink :)

I've had good luck with herbs in this west window, but I don't really like them behind the sink. It's easy for watering, but the sill would work better if it were a bit deeper.

The windows by the range (if I decide on this layout) would be facing the back (west) side. The windows over the sink would be facing the porch. Of course, I could have herbs on the porch...but it would be nice to have some 'green' in the kitchen, too.

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I really like this seems very bright and might be enough sunlight for herbs.

From [Farmhouse plans](
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Fori is not pleased

I'm sure you could come up with a clever way to mount growlights for those cold dark winters.

You could also rotate out your pots every week or so, if you have another location where they grow better.

I love plants in the kitchen. (Currently I have a bunch of them behind my stove to hide it from the living room. My kingdom for a wall and all that...)

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I just saw a vertical herb grower in WS.
I have a garden window over my sink and just planted some basil plus some outdoor starter plants.
I bought this really cool grow light (it is a garden window but a spruce tree blocks some of the light...
The frame is like a window shade - so you drop the grow light down close to the plants when they are young and raise it up as the grow.
I bought at a local garden store.
I set it up in my Garden Window - once summer comes, I will remove the grow light and see how we do with natural light.
Stay tuned - maybe a picture downstream.

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Fori- I hope you get your wall, soon! Although the plants probably look really nice, too. Great idea about rotating the plants, since I hope to have a sun porch, off the kitchen.

Gemini- That's a wonderful idea! Please let me know if it works for you and I'll be watching for pictures :)

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Hi Lavender(waving ...)
I have windows on each side of my stove erm range... whatever. One is shorter than the other(fire escape). My painted windowsills are being replaced by Soapstone to match the counter. My tuxedo requested it. She's looking forward to the extra heat on the sill during the Summer plus she likes the sills clean not discolored. I put a window box filled with herbs and wheatgrass outside every window except the fire escapes . You can do window box outside and pots inside(with a grow light ?). I think it would look great. I considered glass shelves in the window(maybe later) but they would interfere with my bamboo blinds so I'm putting in lots of hanging plants.
That 1st photo definitely is a "show" photo, white chairs in a kitchen ...LOL

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EAT- Hi! (Waving back)

Please post a picture of your kitchen windows! The soapstone will look great and I know Tuxedo will enjoy them :)

Window boxes would be fun and would look good with the style of the house, too. I think you're right about the white upholstered chairs. They must have a maid. LOL

I do like the idea of the island and table in the same space. I'm tall, so the island is appealing for baking...and the water is handy by the range. But, I LOVE Mermanmike's big table in his maybe this is a good way to combine both. Also, I want to just slide the table up to the island, so if we have people over, we can pull it out and add some leaves. Plenty of room for everyone, since the kitchen will be open to the keeping room.

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