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deetsJuly 23, 2009

I'd like to build a bar on my deck. Optimally I'd like it to be attached to the house. Can anyone give me some advice on the best materials to use for this project?

My thoughts are pressure treated wood for the frame and perhaps cedar for the surface areas, stained to match the existing deck. Another thought was tile for the surface, but I'm not sure it would hold up unless the entire structure was masonry, then there's the whole weight issue.

I was going to attach it to a ledger board attached to the house and build it as though you would a deck, just tinier. :o)

I have been searching for a site that may have plans, but have been unsuccessful.



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Out Door Bar!!! now thats a topic I can get into.

I have done several for the Wallets. I build them like a cabanit but a lot more attention to seam detail. Cdx 3/4 plywood for the box all joints with tightbond 111 /ss screws. Face the outside with say in your case T&G clear 3/4 cedar or if you really want to get at it glue up ipe 1x6 into pannels and face the cab with those glued and clamped to the box. Build the doors the same way but install seam bead where they close and solid brass hardware. Put the cab on a 3'' toekick.

For the top do the same thing glue up 3/4 ipe into a pannel fasten a 3'' drip edge to the bottom of it fasten from underneith thru the 45 % angle braces on the top of the box. Hand rub several coats of twp inbetween 100 grit wet sanding till the surface is simi gloss. Do the finish exposed to the sun twp wont set up with out uv,could use a uv lamp. One very cool thing put a copper u channel all around the top let it go green.

The ice maker and refridge can be had on line buttttttt they both require Ventalation,very important, so install little fans on a auto heat switch vented to the outside of the Cab.

None of this will work unless>>> you stock the fridge with Tecate while the thing is cranked up to high with a bottle of Jose Cuerovo Especial right next to the frozen shot glases and have the JonMon and his Biker Buddes over.

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