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lala2874May 30, 2009

We are close to signing on the dotted line... Just want to get some input on my build specs...Here we go...

*Pool Size: 24Â X 38Â Pool Area: 645 Sq. Ft.

Pool Depth: 3Â6" X 8'

Pool Perimeter: 112 Ln. Ft.

*Spa: 6Â X 8Â6" Free-Form; Raised 12";

8Â Tiled Negative Edge spillover *


Filter: 60 Sq. Ft. DE Filter by Hayward; Pool Pump: 1.5 HP Tristar by Hayward; Waterfall Pump: 1.5 HP Super II by Hayward;

Heater: 400K BTU Natural Gas Heater by Hayward; 3yr. warranty

Air Blower: 1.5 HP Air Blower by Hayward; 3yr. warranty

Spa Jets: (8) Hayward Therapy Jets

*(4) Additional Spa Jets to be placed in-floor w/ 1.0 HP Super II pump

Valves: Compool 3 Way

Skimmer: (2) Hayward Automatic Surface Skimmers with built in Overflow

Waterfill Line: Letro Leveler

Main Drains: Anti-Vortex Drains (2 in pool, 2 in spa)

*Pool Lights: (2) Colorlogic LED Pool Lights By Hayward; *Spa Light: (1) Colorlogic LED Spa Light by Hayward; Inlets: (5) Upper & Lower Pentair Adjustable Eyelets

*Cleaner: Phantom by Hayward with Booster Pump; Chlorinator: Rainbow 320 Automatic Chlorinator; Timer: Intermatic Dual Time Clock;

Steel Schedule: #3 (3/8") on 8" Center

Beam: 4 Bar Box Beam #4 (1/2") Steel

Gunite: 6.1 (Sacks/Sand) Ratio; 4000 psi;

*Coping: Travertine/Slate *26Â Raised Beams: 20Â @ 18" Raise, 6Â @ 30" Raise; (3) 18" Scuppers to be installed; Front to be stacked flagstone

; Rear to be finished gunite; Cap to be double bull-nose

*Tanning Ledge  5Âx 8 with (2) bubblers *13 Moss Rock Accents with (1) 36" x 16" x 18" Jump Rock 6" Waterline Tile  from standard stock

Trim Tile: 1" X 1" Standard Trim Tile on steps and benches

*Plaster: PebbleTec or PebbleSheen plaster, Cat. 1; 10 yr. warranty (includes abalone shell)

Any suggestions/ideas/remarks would be appreciated. I will have to post a picture of the design later. The trav I picked is torreon, tile is cream/beige with light brown, deck will be pea gravel and the raised bond beam wall will be stacked flagstone and there will be several medium to large accent boulders (flanking wall and spa). Spillover on spa will have glass tile (caramels/beige/clear). Going back and forth on pebble...thinking sandy beach, blue granite, or tahoe. Lots of texture!

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Let the Hayward bashing begin.

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Okay, other than the fact that I will be using Hayward equipment, does everything else seem okay?
#1 I'm wondering about that Phantom....I youtubed it and it doesn't look so hot. Would it matter what cleaner I used if I am hooking it to the side of the pool? Could I request a Polaris or something else that my Aqualogic will sync with?
#2 I saw another post stating that the intermatic timer is the cheapest...is that in quality or $$?
#3 The back of my raised bond beam will by gunite...there is another thread that debates leaving it unfinished. I am planning on doing some planting back there about 18" up the 24" wall, should I seal?
#4 Has anyone seen light travertine coping (4x12) used with exposed aggregate decking?

Thanks for any help.

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"#3 The back of my raised bond beam will by gunite...there is another thread that debates leaving it unfinished. I am planning on doing some planting back there about 18" up the 24" wall, should I seal?"

See what the pool builders say. Our's waterproofed the area at the waterline tile, raised bond beam and spa before facing them with quartzite. They said it would prevent moisture from seeping through and leaving stains(efflorescence) on the tile and grout lines.

I've read that it is not recommended to seal both sides of the concrete in areas where freezing is a concern because it could cause damage unless the water repellent allows the wall to breathe.

Below is a link on "Efflorescence". Scroll down to "Protecting Against Efflorescence".

Here is a link that might be useful: Efflorescence

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#2 I saw another post stating that the intermatic timer is the cheapest...is that in quality or $$?

Not the cheapest, just the least expensive and more inline with price reality. Intermatic makes controls to facility small to medium size pools requiring five circuits or less. There recent wireless technology is superior to whatÂs being offered by the competition so you may want to see their entire offering before making your decision. I hope this helps.

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Intermatic's system is fairly basic. They don't make additional pool equipment such as pumps, filters, etc... like the other manufacturers, the extended warranties the system builders offer, the tighter, built-in integration, make the Intermatic system sort of a odd man out. For those augmenting existing systems with only basic needs, the Intermatic system seems to have a better shot at winning some business.

The Phantom is fascinating to watch in action. AFAIK, it is still the only sweep that skims also. However, when skimming, the jet that propels it will knock items down to the floor that are on either side and behind the unit. I prefer to see a sweep stay on the floor and let the pool's skimmer(s) do the skimming.

It does have a lot of parts inside and is not always easy to repair. The hose uses small sections of flexible tubing between hard sections of pipe. The constant flexing in the same place is problematic. Eventually, the flexing will take it's toll and that section will need replacing due to leaks, cracking, tears, etc...


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Hello All -

This is my first posting - but I have found this blog site so informative that I think you all will be able to give me the benefit of your experience.

We will (eventually) be breaking ground on a 18x38 ft concrete block/gunite infinity edge pool in the carribbean. Issue that our PB/contractor is raising has to do with the fact that we want the infinity edge to have a 2 foot glass or acrylic wall- for the suspended water effect from afar.
We are on top of a hill overlooking a golf course.

Have any of you built such a feature - or know anyone who has who can offer any advice as to glass vs acrylic/plexi -and any engineering issues to be concerned about?
Such as suggested thickness of glass, how far deep into the concrete wall underneath the glass needs to go, what 'cushioning' is needed to protect the glass from breakage at the meeting point, etc?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can supply.

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I'd start a new thread I'll reply there.

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