Type of ceiling fan required for gazebo?

cruzmislJuly 2, 2011

Hi All,

I am wanting to buy a ceiling fan for my outdoor gazebo but need to know if you think I can get away with a standard fan or if I need a damp or wet location fan.Its going to be mounted at the top of my gazebo which is made out of powder coated metal. I'm thinking the way its constructed the ceiling stays dry in heavy rains. I'll take it down in winter. Any ideas? Here is a picture of the gazebo to show the top.



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You definitely need an exterior rated fan. That is what I was told when we built our screen porch. I believe the issue is high humidity more than cold temperatures. I suppose if you lived in the desert you get away with a standard fan.

Casablanca makes a couple of nice exterior rated fans. This way you won't need to take it down in the winter.


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Yeah there are a ton of nice ones. One in particular catches my eye but its for interior use. I could probably get away with it BUT if it got wet and quit I'd be angry I threw away $300 :-)

You think I could get away with a damp location fan rather than a wet location fan?


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I don't see why not. The fan is up high so shouldn't get wet.

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Well yesterday we had a torrential thunderstorm. Knocked down some small tree limbs and we got about 3 inches of rain. Existing fan had some water spots on it but was relatively dry. We've never had a storm that strong in some time so I'm thinking a "damp" fan will be OK.

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