Lumpy Pool Krete Bottom of New Liner Replacement?

JPEllisMay 2, 2012

We've just had a new vinyl liner installed and the PB did (we think) a horrible job. When we walk on the bottom of the pool, under the liner, the pool krete is lumpy and bumpy with pebble like stones occasionally. It's almost like they didn't trowel well while doing the concrete. The bottom edge where the wall meets the bottom of the pool is also not a true 90 degree angle it's more like a J curve where you can use your toe push the liner in and not hit anything solid. I assumed that the the bottom would be smooth like our old sand bottom but it's not.

Are we being too picky or is this bad workmanship? Of course we've already paid them in full. We keep calling to get them to come and work on it, but i think the only way to remedy this is to pull the liner out and start all over again.

I'd like some unbiased opinions. Thank you so much!

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I grew up with a liner pool and the curve is normal if there is water under the liner, as for the bumpy aggregate on the bottom, it was a concrete base and it wasnt baby bottom smooth, but it wasnt lumpy either, it had some texture like say pea sized stuff here and there, but the majority was smooth.

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What was the bottom like before the new liner?

What would be the estimated number of inches the radius is where the floor meets the wall? You can't expect a 0" radius.

Pool Krete and concrete are very different materials. Pool Krete uses vermiculite and cement. What is the bottom made of?


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Thanks for the followups. We are not the original owners and bought this house with a pool so we're definitely learning. Before the new liner install, The bottom had sand (and maybe something else) and it was really really smooth. The PB was to install Pool Krete and now it's very lumpy and "gravelly" under our feet when we step in many areas, especially at the top of the deep end where we can inch along the wall with our feet.

We had a crew out this morning and they swam, took a wooden board and a rubber mallet and hammered at the bottom. They said they got as many spots as the could find. They admitted that it was left with a lot of crud under the liner and that it wasn't left "clean". I said "it wasn't your best crew, was it?" and he said "no, it wasn't". So, on our quote is DEFINITELY Pool Krete. But i understand you have to trowel that when you install, right?

I don't want to take any drastic measures with the company if this is just what we should expect from an install . . . but if this is not normal, i will get quotes from other companies and ask to be refunded so we can do it all over again with a better crew and materials.

As to the number of inches against the wall, it ranges from 0" in spots up to 3" in others. You can see where the seam should be against the wall, but it's not. Maybe a bad measure, maybe bad manufacture, maybe bad install?

All i know is that the old liner was smooth, and snug. It feels like our pool "improvement" is more like a 4k downgrade . . .

All i'm really just trying to do is to get a balanced opinion because I'm overly emotional about how bad this has all gone and i don't want to raise hell if this is normal.

Thanks everyone.

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$4k to put a liner in and convert to a vermiculite and Portland mix (aka Pool Krete) sounds like a really, really, low price for a proper job. Now I don't know how big the pool is but at $4k, it would have had to be a very small pool, at least in my area.

Without some hi-res pictures, commenting further on the liner would be just speculation. Even then, without seeing it in person would likely be just speculation. The skill set of the people is also being questioned.


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If you have a light turn it on at night and you will see all the bad areas on the floor...If they used bag mix on the whole job then its really hard to get a good floor. Sand and cement mixed on the job with proper troweling skills results in a better floor I.M.O. My guess is they dragged the liner over the wet floor and caused alot of the lumps also...If the weather is good and you have no underground water is is always better to wait and let the floor dry overnight and install the liner the next day..

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