Techo Bloc vs EP Henry

suzienjMay 24, 2010

We are torn between EP Henry and Techo Bloc-

approx 1400 sq feet for 2 lower patios and main patio and walkway...

This is our siding (creamy) and our furniture is brown--

EP Henry - Coventry 1, color - Dakota Blend

Dakota Wall we would use

Coventry I

EP Henry IMPERIAL- Coventry 1- color- Chestnut

(any thoughts on imperial - i hear its the same quality as regualar EP Henry)

This shows the chestnut color (looks the same as Dakota but a bit cheaper b/c imperial)

Techo-Bloc- color- sandlewood (or open to other options) -- not sure on style- b/c i dont want the chairs to wobble- looks like they have a lot of rough surfaces... I was thinking Inca, Blu, Trias, or Hera...

Would love opinons- pros'cons etc.. thank you

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now hubby is saying more light tan-- anyone use that color- pics??

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I used the techo-bloc inca because I was tired of the smaller paver look, these are larger look like stone, have gotton alot of compliments, we did their new color called baja beige, it is tan and has some darker shades of brown and gey, but not too dark, very nice, alittle more expensive though about double in price for material

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suzienj, I seem to be having the same problem you were/are. i want to use the dakota blend pavers, but im having trouble making up my mind if i should use the imperial wall in chestnut. What did you use?? if you did use the chestnut can you send me some pics???

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My husband and I went with the imperial pavers. They were priced a bit lower than the Stand EP henry. & way lower than techo blocks. The salesmen said they do not contain the color all the way through the block that is why they are a lesser price. I've been pleased with them.

Here is a link that might be useful: EP Henry

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