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big_deckJuly 28, 2009

I have designed a walkway on a 4X8 that leads from the deck into our Turtle Garden.

What I am looking for is a material that will withstand the freeze/thaw cycles of the north, as well as being poured and tinted, to fill in the gaps of the material on this walkway as well as protect some from UV.

The pictures don't show it, but I am bringing PT 1" pine to within ¾" or an inch of the borders and there will be a lot of space inbetween to fill in.

I have thought about sand based grout, silicone, resin, poly-urethane and some other materials, but need to be able to pour it into the cracks and let it flow. I do NOT want it to go above the level of the letters or the turtle pieces which are made from 1" PT decking boards.

Not to repeat, but this will be part of a walkway and therefor will be walked on.

Anyone have any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Filler Needed?

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It will be intersting to see how the one time holds up. Your the only one I know that will get back to us on it. J.

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Ditto. I am also curious about the one time product. Please do tell us how it holds up over time.

Your deck looks awesome. Did you do all the landscaping walls yourself, too? I like the ferns and everything.

Have you considered decomposed granite (DG) or other compactible pathway fines to fill in the gaps around the turtle?

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Had never heard of decomposed granite - but will research it as an option. The stuff I have been looking at is Crystal Clear 200 - 1 Gallon Unit Slow-Setting Optically Clear Shore 80D Hardness Liquid Plastic. 100A:90B Mix Ratio By Weight at $169 buck plus shipping - and add the tint to fend off the ugly UV syndrom!

Good thing about the Crystal Clear is that I can pour it. Bad thing is that if I do not totally seal all the wood, it will get air bubbles.

And, of course I will be happy to keep everyone updated as to the One-Time. So far happy as a clam!

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