Painting Pressure Treated Porch Floor

DeniseTWJuly 24, 2013

We have a newly installed pressure treated pine porch floor. We want to paint it and I've research as much as possible, and found this on the "Southern Pine" website"

"Paint may be used successfully on roof-protected porch floors. For optimum results, first treat the wood with a paintable water-repellent sealer/preservative. After the floor dries, a primer and two topcoats of porch and deck enamel should be applied. Porch enamel is especially formulated to resist abrasion and wear. Solid-color stains should never be used on flat surfaces such as decks and porches, because of their low resin content".

The problem is finding a water-based paintable water-repellent sealer/preservative. I've found a few oil-based ones and was wondering if a water-based primer and paint would adhere to it, as water-based is what is recommended.

Thanks for any help.

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In general, I believe you can put water-based paint over oil-based paint / primer, but you should NOT put oil-based paint over water-based paint / primer.

I would recommend going to a REAL paint store (e.g. Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams) and ask them for advice. Don't use their "contractor" products. Use their top-of-the-line products. Initially, their top products may cost more, but they will save money in the long run, and they will look fabulous (when properly applied). To guarantee compatibility of paints, primers & sealers, use paint products from the same manufacturer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exterior Painting How To's - Sherwin-Williams

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Thank you Gypsy, you answered my question. I will go to a real paint store for this. I really appreciate you answering the question, rather than giving too many opinions. Don't get me wrong, I thrive on opinions, but I have researched this issue and just needed that information. Thanks again

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