4x restore by Rustoleum

victory_tea2085July 3, 2014

My deck was never coated with any preservative and now is in need of some kind of treatment. Wondering if the new product 4x Restore by Rustoleum is worth purchasing? I have read some pretty bad reviews. If not that product-what should I use. thanks- Paul

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Sorry no advice. I'll follow this thread.

I was also interested in how well this finish works out on a deck but also on vertical T111 siding. I typically use a solid Zar stain but thought about trying this as a base coat to help cover some wear & age slight delamination and imperfections in the siding.

These types of products can be a time saver if they work long term, or they can turn into a nightmare if they peel and do not.

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Deck Revive.. If you want a smooth finish that you can walk bare footed on..

BEHR Deck Over.. The stuff is about useless and has one of the roughest finishes I have ever encountered and it is only good for a year or two before it starts peeling and bubbling........... Go to Behr's web site and read the reviews of the stuff and not what is posted on Home Depots site.

Rustoleum 4x Restore .. Even worse for bubbling and peeling after a year or two than Behr.

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Thanks, Russ

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Dont do it. Honestly the reviews ive read about any of these restore products are they do not work in climates where you get snow and warm summers. The wood expands and contracts too much and the stuff just cant stick to it. Honestly if the wood is in good condition just go with a good semi stain, youll have to top it every year or so but thats the only way unless you go with composite boards to replace the wood, composite tiles on top of the wood (still need to treat the wood though) or outdoor carpet like I am. Im fed up with the deck every year but cant afford to go all out composite at the moment.

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