Do you like your composite deck?

terriksJuly 24, 2013

My husband and I are planning on having a new deck put on our house. The deck will be approximately 20' x 20' and will be on an upper level. We are in southern Oregon, and it can get quite hot in the summer. So far this year we have had nine 100+ degree days. It will be uncovered, but will be completely shaded in the late afternoon. I know that composites can get hot and also fade. I'm looking for some real life experiences.


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Check out my post at the end of the Trex/Fiberon battle...Steel Frame w/ Natural stone(I chose Granite)...But it can be Travertine, marble, flagstone,etc...Fireproof too...

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I only have experience installing, not owning a Composite deck.

Composites like you mentioned do absorb and hold more heat than a natural wood and Composites have had issues with mold / mildew varying from brand to brand. The mold / mildew usually isn't an unhealthy amount but is an eye sore. The fading is a given, when choosing the color you want try to envision it a tad lighter. As far as longevity goes most Composite Manufacturers can only estimate longevity.

As the response above mine proves most Contractors will try to convince you of other options. Me, I would recommend a Natural Hardwood like Ipe, Massaranduba, Garapa, etc. Hardwoods like the above mentioned have been proven to last 20-30 + years untreated. That and your friends won't tease you about your "Lego" Deck. I know most Retailers like or offer free samples, it is a solid option.

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If you search the forum I think you'll find several previous discussions re: composite decking.
I'm one that loves my composite deck but I can't tell you the brand since I unable to find the info at the moment. Really not sure if the company is still in business.
The deck is roughly 30 x 60' and is covered. Some small dark flecks have shown up near the edges that get over-spray from the sprinklers but other than that I've had no problems..........going on 11+ years now.

Check out brands offered by your local decking companies and my suggestion would be to check an end cut and look for solid composite construction vs one that has a wood/plastic composite center wrapped in another material.

My previous homes all had redwood decking, and even though it was gorgeous to look at, I do not miss the upkeep it required.

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I love my composite deck. It is Correct Deck CX. I have had 3 other houses with wooden decks. The composite is so much better. It is easier to maintain. If the deck gets dirty I wipe spots up with baby wipes or use a micro fiber mop. It always looks so fresh and clean.

It can get gouges if you drop something sharp on it. But they don't show up.

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I love it. We installed one 13 years ago, when they were just starting out (Trex) and it is in great shape, though there has been fading. About six years ago, we added a front porch and used a composite product that looks like painted wood and it looks terrific. It gets some late afternoon sun and doesn't appear to have faded (it is a light grey color).

I know my husband is not big on home maintenance, so it's nice to have a product we don't have to worry about.

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