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salmon_slayerJuly 31, 2010


I have to replace a couple of gates and will be doing a bunch of paver work around the area at the same time. The gates allow access into the back yard. The opening is ~12foot. I currently have two 6' gates that do not work. My question is what size posts/footings do you recommend. They need to be the main support pieces and I am concerned with them sagging, rotting over time and looking nice. We have sandy soil. Overkill is okay but I am concerned with replacing them down the road (10+ years or more I hope) Any recommendation?


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I would go steel posts Steve. 3'' glav # 40 set 3' down in creet.

If the look is not what you want fasten pt to them,I use 1/4''hex head fasteners made to conect wood to steel, then wrap the posts with redwood or some South American with some kind of fancy post cap. J.

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thanks, that's what I will do

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