Upgrade from Colorlogic 2.5 to 4.0

nylsor107May 31, 2011

Our 22x44' pool has one Hayward Colorlogic LED light. I asked our PB about adding two, but he assured me that one was sufficient. Now that it is complete, we have wonderful lighting in about two thirds of the pool. I obviously should have insisted on two lights! My question is this, should I pursue the possibility of switching the current 2.5 Colorlogic for the 4.0 in hopes of getting more light into the pool? Thanks so much!


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I would recommend you call Hayward. They have a tech support line that can tell you if the 4.0 light is brighter than the 2.5.

I have a feeling all the 4.0 does is add more programs.

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Thanks Goyom. I did contact them yesterday and they said that ithe 4.0 is brighter. They also recommend two lights for pools our size. I am not sure why our PB insisted that one would be enough. I am hoping the cost to upgrade will be doable.

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