Safety fencing

jscozzMay 29, 2012

We were going to fence in our yard instead of the pool... probably will still do that down the road, but after thinking more about it, we really want a safety fence around the pool also... once that can be taken down for parties if we need to, but left in place otherwise, and off season, to keep kids (and animals too) away from the pool. I will want it on the outside edge of the decking (probably pavers), so the pool can be used without taking it down. Since we have a very big yard, it will also save me $$$ (I am hoping) on the yard fencing right now. Later when the kids are grown, or can all swim, we can remove the safety fence and just have the yard fence with very little effort, and put it back any time kids will be playing in the yard.

I see there are a few companies that do mesh safety fencing. Are they all the same? Or are any better than others? Are they all about the same cost/ft? What price range?

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Fori is not pleased

I have the "Baby Barrier" brand. It goes in fast which is what we needed. It's sturdy and not unattractive (not pretty either!) and much better than a dead neighbor kid.

Obviously I'm one of those grumps who thinks pools ought to be fenced! It sounds like this type of fence would be a good option for what you describe. I haven't compared the brands--we only had the one locally and since we were moving to a house with a pool, bringing small children, we didn't comparison shop much.

I don't know if these fences will go into pavers--mine is stuck into sleeves inserted into holes drilled in the concrete deck.

(That said, we do plan on landscaping our backyard and will get a permanent fence--there is no possibility we will ever have our pool unfenced so we don't need the removable fence.)

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Barrier fencing typically has 15" tube that are inserted first in core drilled holes made in the paver. The fence sockets that the poles are inserted into are then held in place by the tubes. The fence poles go into the sockets.

This is true for most major brands I know of.


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i have exact question. please let me know your conclusion

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Finally fence time... any feedback on whether Baby barrier is the best or another brand?

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We install fence from Pool Guard . We chose to use them for a few reasons. They have the sturdiest gate that wont need "adjustment" every couple of months. There mesh material is better than the others textaline mesh. They stand behind there product if there ever is an issue. And they are not made in china....

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