removing solid stain form between deck boards

Lois19July 19, 2012

Does anyone know how to remove a solid white latex deck stain from in between the deck boards? And also from some crevices and nail holes? We have sanded almost all of this white stain off our deck, but we'd like to get the rest of it off because the stain we plan to use is an oil based cedar tone semi transparent and it won't cover those white areas. After all this sanding, I am thinking I should have taken the old boards up and put new ones in. Oh well, now I just have to figure out how to tackle the last of the white stain. Help!

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You will have to strip it. Look up HD-80.

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I looked it up. HD-80 is not sold to homeowners, just to contractors. Our problem is how to get in between the boards. If we use a stripper to get in between the boards, do you know of any tool we could use? My husband thought of wrapping a cloth soaked in stripper around something like a pencil.

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You can buy it online. They may discourage homeowners from buying it, but if you put it in your cart, they don't know whether you are or not.

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O.K Thanks. I didn't realize that.

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Give me a call, 636-288-5821, I can help you out with the HD-80.


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