Moisture Shield (AERT) Advice

kate_aJuly 13, 2011

We had a beautiful (at least for 3 months) Radiance Wood deck installed last summer. By mid-winter the boards had warped, split & begun seperating from the foundation. All the decking has to be removed. We now can replace the decking with the Radiance Wood & cross our fingers or use a composite product called Moisture Shield. Since the previous materials went so terribly wrong I am seeking any advice I can find on the Moisture Shield product. Our contractor has not worked with it before & I don't want to go down another dark road if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

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Sorry about the radiance material I had high hopes for that stuff. Question.. did you use 3/4 '' decking ? Anyway I did not want to be the first to try it thanks for the feedback. I defentley would not go with it again, well mabey if you put on 3/4 before and went back with the 1 1/2''.

Moisture Shield is quality manmade product. I have been to the plant, put it down a fair amount,and have seen it 10 years down the road. Not Bad At All and I am not a manmade fan.

MS us real big on quality control and R&D. Example >>> the dreaded trex hits the board right out of the extruder with water on the truck in 15 min. Moisture Shield cools down the board for 7 hrs naturaly JonMon

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