Quilt block storage?

solstice98January 23, 2010

I usually have 5 or 6 projects going at once. This is OK but neatness is not one of my core qualities. What do you all use to keep projects organized and to store blocks as you get them completed? I was thinking pizza boxes (clean ones from a restauramt supply store) would work. Any ideas?


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Kate, I've been working on getting my WIP's more organized, too. The first thing I bought were some clear colorful plastic 12" units, but they open from the top and I didn't like that. The next thing I bought was for $9 at Walmart, which I really like! A unit of three clear 13" drawers that I can just pull the drawer out instead of having to unstack to get to the bottom container. I plan to get another one of these as there's enough room to put the fabric and pattern along with the blocks already made. I stick a post-it on the inside front of the drawer to remind me of just which WIP is in there. @:) IMO, much easier than writing on pizza boxes (which I do have) and then moving them all around to get to the one you want to work on. Hope this helps.....


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I started buying these ArtBin cases from Joanns using 50% or 40% off coupons - brings the price down to $8.00 or $9.00 each. The first 2 I bought were only 2"(?) high, then last week I bought the 3.5" high ones (they were actually on sale for 1/2 price) like the link below. They stack, they seem to stay latched, and I found just last night that I was able to stuff it neatly full of the entire project of a lap size quilt I am (not, but should be)working on - including the folded backing, and extra fabric, and the quilt itself). I am definitely going to buy a few more of these. More expensive then pizza boxes, but I think it is worth it.

They are located in the scrap booking aisle.

I believe it was Sharon who recommended similar boxes from Connecting Threads when I asked last year. If I've given credit to the wrong person, my apologies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Block storage boxes

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Sharon - now you tell me....~LOL~ :)

You have many, many more projects and years of quilting than I do...so I agree having to unstack could be a problem. Having a handle and being able to transport some part of the project easily is nice in the other bins, as well - like for Kate's BA.

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My local Pizza hut gives me new boxes. The 12 inch ones are just perfect!

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My sewing areas are full of various storage boxes for blocks and fabric. I also use those art bin boxes. They stack so nicely and can be carried around. I also have another version of it that is about twice as deep where I pile lots of fabric saved for a future project.

For smaller blocks and applique projects, I use the vinyl pouches that clip into a 3 ring binder and have a velcro-closed side flap. I can put several projects in one binder on a shelf and out of my way.

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For me storage isn't about blocks, more about projects. Because I've worked in offices for years (legal secretary & word processor), I've glommed onto office supplies & the boxes they come in. In particular legal pocket or accordion files called Redwelds, come in boxes that are sturdy & 8.5 x 11" or even legal sized (vs. letter sze) files of 8.5 x 14".

In my earlier, more self-taught days, I'd stack my projects on open manilla folders & this way one can lift the stacks around for access & storage. Originally, I worked directly on the floor, one had to get used to walking AROUND my projects; family teased a bit. Not really conducive for visitors or company.

The pizza bozes sound like a great idea, I've read of it in recent years, but would have loved to know years earlier.

At least now, newbies can come to places like this & learn these things. Good question, thanks for posting it.

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I like using trays. Even thought they are open. I am able to stack them and what I am doing is easy to see.They are mobil and can be moved to different work areas. If they are being stored for a period of time I slip a clear plastic over. I have a bunch of 18x15 trays that I saved when I worked that our packs came on and they work great. Not for everyone but works for me. Jayne

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I have mine in a 3 drawer plastic storage on wheels. I prefer to hang them with the plastic clip hangers, but it does take up too much space in my small closet.
Right now the baby quilt blocks I am working on are just laying around where ever LOL.
And the denim squares are in a plastic bag some where. I said this is the year I am determined to get organized!

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Michael's has 12" square boxes that are meant for storing scrapbook pages. I watch the flyer for sale coupons and buy them for storing the fabrics and pattern first and then the finished blocks, etc. as the quilt is in progress. You can get them in clear or coloured plastic.

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I found that if I hang my project with all the necessary stuff in a plastic bag on a hanger (sometimes use pant hangers), I can get it into the closet and see what I have. I also pin notes on them, like -- needs backing fabric, etc.I did use a square plastic box for unfinished projects, but found that when the projects are on a hanger - and staring me in the face everytime I open the closet, things get done faster for me.
My bins of all sizes contains my fabric that is not being used for anything.

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Great ideas. Thanks to all!

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I have some of the plastic drawers from Wal-Mart, but ours quit carrying them several years ago. The largest they have now are about 10 inches. So I keep cut I-spy blocks, 6 1/2 inch blocks (things that will be sitting around a while) in those. I keep active projects in pizza boxes. Improving my storage is one of the things I'm working on as I clean the sewing room.


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I have used various ones of the mentioned storage ideas, but my little add on is that I tape a small ziploc bag on either the top or front of the storage box and then slip a card in it with the name of the project on it. Then as the project is hopefully finished I can replace the card with a new one for another WIP (never any shortage of them).

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Great question Kate! I've been struggling with finding a way to organize my ongoing projects, too. I went to my local Wal-Mart and purchased 2 clear storage totes after Christmas when they were on sale @ 40% off. They're high enough that I can put an entire project in one and cart it to wherever I need it.

Yes, I only bought two --- wishful thinking, I know! --- to use for my current projects. I currently am using one for the minister's retirement quilt (which is going to be given to her on Sunday), adn the other for my birthday blocks and a "Boomerang" swap that I am working on.

But the third box I bought after Christmas is my favorite: it's actually called a "Bow Box" and is perfect for my WIP - right now it holds my Round Robin work. It's tall, slender, and has a handle on the top. Favorite feature: a removable tray that is sectioned and is perfect for holding my scissors, marking tools, thimble, thread, and other "hardware" that I would necessarily need for my project. Best thing: it only cost $4.50! Why pay full price when you can get it for less? This box sits by the chair I sit in when I sew in the living room, and it keeps everything neat & tidy but accessible.

And it makes it easy to sew for a few hours a nite when my family is watching TV.


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Sorry, Maygo. I keep trying different things til I happen on something that appears to work. I started out with a 4 drawer on wheels...2 3" drawers and 2 larger ones, pizza boxes, the containers like you have (but no handle) and now this 3" X 13" one. Oh yes, then there is the plastic accordian file and all those zippered heavy duty plastic bags. The main thing I have found during all of this, at least for me, is that it's important to be able to see what's in the container.


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I am a quilting newbie, but my sister, who has quilted for a long time, suggested those plastic boxes from Joann's meant for scrapbooking. I went there this past weekend, and found Christmas color ones (red and green) for $6.97--even less than the regular price ones after using the coupon. Seems to work great!

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