Sealing pavers

jparkfireMay 31, 2010

I want to seal the pavers around my patio. It was recommended that I get a water based sealer for brick pavers. Does anyone have a recomendation as to the right brand and type to buy for Florida sun. I like the wet look. Thanks

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yeah me too, i want it to look like it does after a rain but not slippy. what to use?

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I am also on the hunt for the best way to seal my flagstone coping. My reading points to using a product that enriches (looks wet but not slippery) and seals natural stone.

Here is the product I am most likely going to try on a spare piece of the flagstone from my coping.

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Please provide pics and details as you experiment with this product as I am also interested. I want the wet look but I do not want it to be slippery. I wonder how long it will last.

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Search your area for a color enhancer, it makes the colors pop. Then use a penetrating sealer, it doesn't lay on top so not slippery. Plan on re-doing every 3 years give or take. We are in Vegas so we don't get much water, but we sure get the sun and uv rays. Belgard recommends Technoseal products. Big box stores don't sell the quality you want, go to a concrete supply store. Best advice here is price does equal longevity. HTH Barb

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Here is a link to a wet look penetrating sealer that is not slippery. It is carried at a local stone yard.
I have not used it yet, but cant decided between wet look and natural.
It states it retards moss growth so am hesitant to use on the moss rock.
We have Moss rock, flagstone and pavers.
Perhaps a stone company near you carried something similar for your climate.
I would look to their recommendations rather than the big box stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone and Paver Sealer-wet look

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Thanks for the link, not one we have used either, but it is technoseal product, can't go wrong there. Barb

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Here in Florida, you want to use a sealer that will penetrate the paver surface. DO NOT use an acrylic sealer as it will trap moisture and eventually leave a white milky haze. This is a result of trapped moisture. Be sure to properly prep the area first, which means pressure wash, resand joints if necessary, and make sure surface is free of any lose debris. We use a 2 coat process that can be done in the same day. We use a water based sealer which means that it is safe to use and you will get the results and color enhancement that you desire, without the slippery surface. You may email me at if you need further help.

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X2 on avoiding the big box stores. I went to a local masonry supply store (they sell pavers, block, etc) and they had little bottles of several different products that they gave me free to take home and try (assuming you have some spare pavers or an inconspicuous place to test).

I ended up choosing the BP Pro wetlook. They also had a small bottle of very fine sand type of material that was added to the sealer for "traction" You cannot see it when applied, think it was called "shark bite" or something.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sealer

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