K8OrlandoJanuary 28, 2013

I haven't followed the forum(s) much over the past 3 months so don't know if there was any follow-up to iVillage posting our pictures on facebook and Pinterest. Anyone know if there was ever any resolution or compromise?

I decided that if the world was going to have access to my pictures anyway that I might as well be the one to post them, so this weekend I put pictures of most of my quilts on Pinterest. Turns out it really is a great way to share them all with family and friends. And it's way easier to maintain than a blog! If anyone wants to see, you can link to my quilt board here:

Anyone else from here on Pinterest? Would love to see what you have pinned, if you are.


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Beautiful work Kate. There are a couple that really caught my eye, Lisa'a quilt and the one called Bunny, Duck and Cover.

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I absolutely love Pinterest!! I've not thought about using it in that manner. I mostly just surf around and especially love to pin recipes and bring them up on my iPad when I cook.

Love your quilts, too :-)


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I am on Pinterest and have started following you Kate.


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Theresa, the Bunny Duck & Cover quilt is the one I made from 2 years of birthday blocks! Of course I had to add lots more blocks, but I love it because I know parts were done by so many friends on this forum. It was fun to figure out how to combine both blocks by using one as the border. This is the quilt we use on our bed. It's very special to me.


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I register on pininterest three weeks ago...does that count :)?
Haven't done a thing since, but now that you mention it, I'll take a look see.

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Great way to show and keep track of your quilts, Kate. Like V, I've registered on Pinterest, but haven't done anything with it. I'm getting a little tired of Photobucket, so this might be an alternative.


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I'm there and started following you, too.


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Wow. You're really productive. Love lots of them, but especially the turtle.

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I enjoyed seeing your quilts all together. I appreciate seeing the back of quilts for ideas. I like the way you did the back of Emma's quilt. You do such beautiful work!

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Thanks! I like doing something fun with the back. It's a whole new canvas.

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Just beautiful, Kate! What a great way to keep organized!

Can't pick my would be more than one!


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I registered and really haven't used it too much. There is a post on another forum where a member says their pics they posted on the forum were reposted (pinned) on Pinterest.

She was OK with that BUT she had also posted pics of quilt shows, and when it was posted on Pinterest they gave her credit for making the quilts, she is concerned that the orginal creator will be upset about it.

It is wildly popular with some of my family!

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I understand her concerns but there's no way to control what other people say on the internet. I know several photographers in an aurora borealis facebook group have had their photos snagged by a guy who not only posts them as his but he's been offering prints for sale! How sleazy is that? Whether you post an image on fb, Pinterest, or a public forum, it's there for whomever wants to grab it. If I care, like a picture of a child or of my home with the address showing, I don't post the picture anywhere.

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I feel the same Kate! Since I'm not in a business it doesn't bother me at all to have mine reposted. The machine embroidery designers have the same problem with people stealing their designs. I guess there will be theft in anything!

Love your quilts!!!

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May I join your forum? I'm a long-time member of GardenWeb, but don't think I've posted to quilting forum before. I retired a year ago and am starting to get back into sewing and quilting.

I'm addicted to Pinterest! It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment to repin those beautiful crafts w/o making them myself! It's the greatest time-waster I've ever found!

Blessings to all,

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Hi, I'm Beth and I'm a Pinterest a-holic...not as bad as my daughter in law, but I'm there!! Hahahaha... I LOVE Pinterest...and actually, I do use Pinterst to 'show' a friend and my sister certain quilting or sewing patterns and's lots easier than trying to email someone a website every time you come across something that they might like.

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