How to improve drainage in concrete patio?

tomatotomataJuly 10, 2012

I have a concrete patio that doesn't slope sufficiently, so water pools after a rain. I don't want to demolish the whole thing, so how can I get the water to drain?

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You don't say how large the pad is. Other factors would include any clearance against the home foundation and your soil. Are you in a freeze zone?

Possibly it could be mud jacked to create drainage. Or, possibly a drain could be drilled into the slab and a tube inserted below to carry away the water. Last option which comes to mind would be applying a top coat on the existing pad with a grade.

These are not inexpensive and it might be overall better to replace the pad.

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Thanks for the response, fnmroberts. The pad wraps around the house on two sides, and it about 20' deep, but it is actually a patchwork of pads, I suspect each installed at different times. It is against the side of the house, but not the front. We never get freezing temps here.

Now that I've typed this all out, I's beginning to suspect you are right; I fear I'll have to demo and start over. Yikes.

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It does sound large and not shaped suited for mud jacking.

If rain gathers in just a couple spots and they are clear of furniture, consider getting a commercial grade floor squeege - look in a janitorial supplier or on-line perhaps. They have "wings" on the ends. I've seen them in car dealers to push winter slop toward the drain.

Another idea - talk with a landscaper about installing pavers atop the existing concrete. At least you would not have to remove the existing concrete.

Good luck.

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